Презентація на тему Food на англійській мові

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

Підготувала вчитель англійської мови Супрун Ю.В. Make the sentences Paul always eats tea and biscuits never drinks a cup of tea sometimes has an omelet a small lunch salad a big dinner Group 1 Agree or disagree: The English have four meals a day.In England breakfast time is between nine and twelve.Lunch is the biggest meal of the day in all English families.The English like to have tea with milk.The English proverb says: “ After supper sleep a while, after dinner walk a mile”. Group 2: Complete the sentences The English take ______ meals a day.In England breakfast time is between ___ and _______.In some English houses lunch is the ___ meal of the day.For dinner they have _____, fish or ____, vegetables, _________ and ________.“After _______ sleep a while, after _____ walk a mile”. Group 3. Think about the plan to the text: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. These things are usually uncountable: Kinds of drinks: milk, tea, coffee …Kind of food, which you eat only part of a time: cheese, fish, meat…Materials: paper, plastic, iron, gold…Some other things: music, money, information, news… There is, there are не перекладаються українською, але сповіщають про наявність чогось / когось у певному місці.There is вживається в однині та з незчислюваними іменниками.There are вживається у множині зі зчислюваними іменниками. Some \ any There are some apples in the fridge. Are there any apples in the fridge? There are not any apples in the fridge. Listening To be hungry – бути голоднимTo be thirsty – хотіти питиBurger – бутерброд Test 1. Children can have lunch at …a. School b. home c. work2. They have lunch at …a.12 o'clock b. 1 o'clock c. 2 o'clock 3. The pupils … after the lessons.a. Go home b. do homework c. are hungry4. Today they have …a. Some potatoes and some fishb. Some rice and some saladc. Some porridge and some meat5. Pupils can buy …a. Flowers b. bottles of water c. some butter6. My friend Pete likes to buy…a. Oranges b. chocolate or sweets c. juice7. We like to have lunch at …a. Home b. the lesson c. school Fill in each blank with some or any We don’t need ________ butter.I want ________ flour because I am going to bake a cake.Is there _________ milk in the bottle? 4. We don’t need _______ eggs.5. There aren't ________ soup in the fridge.6. There is _________ tea in the cup.

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