Презентация по английскому языку на тему Conditional III

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Wake, body, wake, mind! Work, play, seek, find, Eat breakfast, dinner too, Wash, brush, sing, dance and do! to look like mother to get on your sister’s nerves to live in an extended/nuclear familyto keep smb. company to make granny cry to look out for smb.to make up with smb. Happiness does become you Your smile, it lights the world A precious gift to those around you Happiness is a child. Nurture her Take care of her Nourish her with your love. Keep her safe Hold her close to you Happiness is a dove. Let him fly, let him be free To soar the heavens wide To spread the peace and happiness Your heart knows deep inside.  If I hadn’t decided to be a teacher, I would have become a doctor. Choose only conditional III.If the weather stays the same, we will cancel the picnic.If Jessy had called me last week, I would have come to her exhibition yesterday.You would use a more powerful computer if you were clevererIf they lived in town, they would go to a prestigious school.If the weather stays the same, we will cancel the picnic.We would have lost a whole lot of money in the previous deal if we had accepted their offer.If it is windy, the weather will change the next day.If I liked parties, I would attend more of them.If you had called me, I would have come.I would live downtown if I were rich. Match the parts of the sentences:You might have finished the assignment on time, if you had planned more carefully.If she had studied science, she would have found a better job.If we had won that award, our life would have changed.My brother would have entered the university if he had written an essay well.If I had spoken English a year ago, I would have gone to the USA.They would have come if you had invited them. Put the verbs in the conditional III(negative or positive).If you had read this book, you …(enjoy) it.If she …(pass) her exam, she would not have gone to university last year.He …(make) so many mistakes in the exam if he had not been so tired.I would have done the shopping yesterday if I …(be) so busy at school. Check yourself.If you had read the book, you would have enjoyed it. If she had passed her exam, she would have gone to university last year.He wouldn’t have made so many mistakes in the exam if he had not been so tired.I would have done the shopping yesterday if I hadn’t been so busy at school. HomeworkEx.58 p.68Think of curious or interesting situation in your life and describe it using Unreal past conditional form. REFLECTIONCONDITIONAL III{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A} I understandI have some questionsI don’t understandUsage   Parts   Place of if clause/main clause in sentence   

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