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Project “Family” Teacher: Baraeva Maryam Djavdatovna My family The family is very important as a unit in our society.My family is neither big nor small. I have a father, called Nikolay. He works as a manager; he is 47. My mother’s name is Olga, she is 46, and is a housewife. And me, I’m in 10th grade. I’m sixteen, going on seventeen. My favorite subject is algebra, and my hobby is sport. My family is happy and friendly. I also have a grandmother, she is a sweet creature. My granny is tender and patient. She respects and loves all of us. In my family we have consideration for others, warm-heartedness and understanding. There is no place for indifference, selfishness and rudeness.My father works hard to provide food and clothes for the family; he finances us. My mother and I share our common joys and sorrows. She keeps the house and the family. My parents are very much concerned about my future and I love them very dearly. And my grandpa feels affection for all of us, and for animals, and my cats. Who creates the family happiness? “Happy families are all alike”. Leo Tolstoy “Marriage halves one’s rights and doubles one’s duties’. English proverb “Marriage is for life,” the English people say, meaning that it should last one’s lifetime. A happy marriage is a science, an art, hard work. You know every day life consists of many small things. Questions: 1. What is a happy family in your opinion? 2. What is necessary to think over before marriage? 3. Who must keep house? Bring up children in the family? 4. Does a family need a leader? Why? or why not? 5. Should a young couple receive help from their parents and other relatives? What kind of help?  1. “Your ideal wife/husband.”Prompts: intelligent, pretty, loves children, is satisfied with what he/she has, inspires love and is able to do so for many years; generous (великодушный), understanding, doesn’t create additional problems for spouse, has sense of humor, is always interesting, is a friend.2. Say what you think about the following: the professional level of the wife is higher than that of the husband.Prompts: nothing special, modern women have equal rights with men, wouldn’t like to be in that husband’s place, much depends on the wife’s behavior.3. You may hope to build a marriage as successful as that of your parents. Give your reasons if this is so. 4. The optimal model of behavior for two people who love each other. What is your opinion?Prompts: each married couple ought to work out such a model for themselves, this model is optimal for an individual couple only, the relations between the two are individual traits of their characters.5. Tolstoy said that all happy families are alike. But what is a general portrait of a happy married couple?Prompts: married because they loved each other, from the very beginning refuse to be dependent on their parents, plan their expenses together, both take part in housekeeping, their views on child upbringing are the same, prefer to spend their leisure-time together, find each other as attractive as they did before marriage.6. You may know that married couples celebrate silver, golden and diamond wedding anniversaries. What is necessary so that they may celebrate the 25th, the 50th or the 60th wedding anniversaries?Prompts: readiness to help each other, good nature (добродушие), willingness to forgive (отходчивость), tolerance (терпимость) to other people’s shortcomings, humor, mutual concern about children’s upbringing, spiritual affinity and psychological compatibility (духовная близость и психологическая совместимость).7. “Love in a cottage” (с милым рай и в шалаше) is a popular expression. Explain how you understand this expression. Questions: What factors determine the size of the family? Why do parents rely on their children? Why do some parents have many children? What has extended lifespans? Do you think, that family size can be regulated? Translate:Размер семьи регулируется традициями или религиями.Хороший медицинский уход помогает продлить жизнь людям.Улучшение в оздоровлении и снижении смертности младенцев ведут к снижению уровня рождаемости.Родители надеются, что их дети выживут и достигнут совершеннолетия.У некоторых людей есть возможность скопить немного на пенсию. What would happen if a man of limited means didn’t budget his income? We know that we have certain fixed expenses each month: rent, or payment on his/her home, food, clothing, travel, insurance, cultural life (books, museums, theatre), etc. You must know how to provide for each of these items from the money to receive monthly to keep out of financial trouble. Sometimes it is impossible to regain lost money, though it is possible in reality, practically. But to regain a lost hour, lost time is beyond the realm of possibility. It is gone forever. There for it is even more important to budget your time than budgeting your money. And how many people think of budgeting their time? Nobody. Tasks: Tasks: Questions: Why is it possible to budget your time?Do you know how to keep out of financial trouble?Is it difficult to budget your time? Translate: Люди с ограниченными средствами должны планировать свой доход.Вернуть время – вне сферы возможного. Complete the sentences:To…………………….. a lost hour is……………………of possibility.What would happen if a man of ………………didn’t ……………..his income.

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