Тест на тему АКР

контрольная работа
9 класс
Choose the correct answer.
1. You wear ___________ on a sunny day.
a) earrings b) nose stud c) sunglasses
2. You __________ your head to say “no”.
a) shake b) shrug c) hug
3. The Englishmen always __________ “please” and “thank you”.
a) tell b) say c) make
4. John is training to become a primary teacher. He wants to works in __________.
a) social care b) education c) catering
5. The American word for underground is __________.
a) elevator b) movie c) subway
6. My brother __________ TV now.
a) watches b) is watching c) watched
7. I __________ him for ages.
a) haven’t seen b) don’t see c) didn’t see
8. She phoned us while we __________ dinner.
a) had b) were having c) have
9. I’ve got two tickets. We __________ to the cinema tomorrow.
a) are going b) will go c) go
10. Do you know anyone __________ rap music?
a) which b) what c) who
Ключи: 1c 2a 3b 4b 5c 6b 7a 8b 9a 10c

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