This lesson plan can be used for grades 3,4 . The title of the lesson is I love English

Topic: “the ABC party”
Grades: 3, 4
Level: Beginner
Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
recognize letters of the English alphabet
count 1-30
increase their motivation to study English
Materials and Equipment:
cards with scrambled animals names (one card per each group of 3-4 students)
a poster with the Alphabet (Every letter of the alphabet has a number written next to it. For example, A1, B2, C3, D4, etc.)
cards with numbers (one card per each group of 3-4 students)
The alphabet
Numbers (1-30)
Animals: crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, dolphins, kangaroos, leopards
Stage Purpose Procedure Interaction Time
Lead-in To arouse interest.
To introduce the topic.
Teacher says, “Hello, students. How are you? Today we are going to have a competition.” The teacher translates the word “competition into students’ native language.”
Teacher divides students into groups of 3-4 students by saying, “You are one team. You are team number two.” Etc.
Teacher gives each team a piece of paper with a scrambled word. Teacher says, “This is your group name. Put the letters in order.” Teacher can help students by saying that all the words are names of animals.
Possible words:
Word Answer
fgesiarf giraffes
When students put the letters in order, the teacher writes the names of the groups on the board and gives one point to the group that was the first to put the letters in order. Whole class
Groups 10 minsCompetition To revise students’ knowledge of the alphabet and numbers Teacher asks one group of students to come to the board. Teacher says, “Crocodiles, come to the board.” Teacher whispers a letter; the group has to show it using their bodies (heads, legs, arms). Other groups should guess and name the letter. The group that guesses the letter gets one point and is the next to form a letter in front of the whole class. Whole class 10 minsTeacher says, “Write down numbers. Thirteen, fifteen, twenty, eight, five, eighteen.” Students write in their notebooks: 13, 15, 20, 8, 5, 18. Teacher points to the alphabet poster on the board and says, “A is number 1. B is number 2. Which letter is number 13?” Students answer, “m”. Teacher says, “Which letter is number 15?” Students answer, “o”. Teacher says, “Look at the numbers in your notebook. Which word is it?” Students, “mother”.
Teacher gives each group a card with numbers and says, “Which phrase is it?” Students look at the alphabet poster on the board and guess the phrase. The group that finishes first gets one point.
Numbers on the card Answer
9, 12, 15, 22, 5, 5, 14, 7, 12, 9, 19, 8 I love English
Teacher says, “We will sing a song. Listen to me”. Teacher sings the following song twice. While singing, teacher points to the letter on the alphabet poster. Students listen.
y and z (could be pronounced as zee (American) or zed (British))
Now I know my ‘ABCs’
Teacher says, “Sing with me.” Teacher points to the letters to make it easier for the students to sing the song.
After singing it twice as a whole class, the teacher says, “Now sing in groups. Crocodiles.” The group named Crocodiles sings. Teacher gives them one point if they sing without mistakes. Then another group sings. Etc. Groups
Whole class 10 mins10 mins
Round-up To sum up Teacher says, “Let’s count the points. Who is the winner? Let’s congratulate the winners.” Students clap for the winners.
Teacher says, “Thank you for the lesson. Good bye” and dismisses the students. Whole class 2 mins

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