Конспект урока Its fun. Activities

It’s fun
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Hello boys and girls! Stand up, please! Stand straight! Are you ready for the lesson? Let me see. Sit down, please. How are you? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?
So you were to learn words about weather, months and dresses. (диктант)
So let’s check your homework. You were to write some sentences about one of your family’s foto. Who wants to be the first?
Today we are going to learn some new word constructions. Open your books. Page number 90. Look at the top of the page and read the name of our lesson. Can you guess what we will discuss today? We will discuss your free-time activities. Who knows how can we translate word construction «free-time activities».
Look at the picture.
What kind of weather is in pictures 1, 4, 5 and 6?
Le’s read these activities
Go skiing
Watch TV
Read a book
Make a snowman
Have a picnic
Go camping
play tennisjog
listen to musictake photographsgo swimmingplay footballplay computer gamesgo grocery shopping- ходить в магазин за продуктами
have coffee with friends
Open your dictionaries and write down these word constructions
Which activities do you do when it is hot, warm, cold/ it snows, rains?
I usually go skiing in
the winter when it’s cold.
I usually watch TV every afternoon after I finish
my homework.
I usually read a book when it’s raining outside.
I usually make a snowman when it snows.
I usually have a picnic when it’s warm and sunny.
I usually go camping in the summer when it’s hot.
Look at the reading rule.
Ребята а вы помните как у нас называется сложный звук, состоящий из двух звуковых частей? Он называется дифтонг /aυ/
So read after me
Down, out, now, brown, blouse, mouse, house, cow, ground, mouth, sound, owl, round.
Open your work books p 55 task №3
… read the task please. You are to work in pairs

Let’s read the text in the right corner.
… start please.

Let’s find out the answers.
Whom is Sandra writing the letter?
Where is Sandra?
What is Sandra doing?
What’s the weather like?
What is Sandra’s dad doing?
What is Tony doing?
What is Sandra’s mother doing?
Итак давайте посмотрим как же правильно оформляется письмо или открытка
Кому адресовано (Dear …), затем дом и улица, город, страна
Обязательно поприветствовать адресата, далее идет текст открытки, в конце следует попрощаться(Write back soon! — Пиши!
Lots of love, — С любовью,
See you soon,-скоро увидимся
Lots of love,- с любовью)
и подписать от кого.
Let’s write down your homework.
SB p. 90 №5
WB p 55 №2

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