Конспект урока Seasons, months and weather

Seasons, months and weather
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Hello boys and girls! Stand up, please! Stand straight! Are you ready for the lesson? Let me see. Sit down, please. How are you? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?
Today we are going to revise some words. Open your books. Page number 86. Look at the top of the page and read the name of our lesson. Can you guess what we will discuss today? We will discuss the seasons, the weather and the months.
So look at the book, listen to the speaker and repeat after him (аудиозапись )JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberWinter
To pick flowers
To rake leaves
Let’s translate these words together.
… read these words, please.
And now you are to continue my sentences!
Winter months are … Spring months are … Summer months are … Autumn months are..On the page 86 make the task number 2.
Let’s revise one grammar construction “Present Continious”
Эта конструкция используется для действий, происходящих в данным момент, в момент речи. Данная конструкция образуется следующим образом
13906545719To be+V-ing00To be+V-ing
Давайте вспомним что будет происходить с глаголом to be
1 лицо 2 лицо
I am We are
You are You are
He,She,Itis They are
Например I am reading now
I am looking at the window now
So what are the people in each picture doingPeople are playing in the snow
Woman is picking flowers
Girl is raking leaves
Girl and boy are going swimming
Match the sentences to the pictures
… Start, please. Read the sentence and then say the number of the picture.

My favorite season is spring, because the days are getting warmer, the trees and flowers are in blossom. And everywhere you can fill and see new life. What’s about you,…? What season is your favorite season? And why do you like this season?
Затем опрашиваю другого ребенка.
Look at the text on page 87. Where can you see it: in a magazine, in a newspaper, on a computer screen?

Let’s read and translate this text.
… you are Gus.
… you are Nemo.
… you are Amelia.

Stand up and repeat after little boy (физкульт минутка)
Работа в группах – выбрать слова, соответствующие определенному времени года. Работа по карточкам.
And now I will give you the task. You are to work in pairs. And you should match the season to the describing words and then we will check.
Cold, freezing, snowy, snowman, snowflakes, snowball, skiing, skating.Spring:
First flowers, warm weather, snowdrops, running streams, melting snow, first leaves, singing birds.Autumn:
To rake leaves, windy, cloudy, rainy, strong wind, cold rain, bright leaves, first snow
Hot, sun, shining brightly, to swim, to play football, beautiful flowers, blue sky, sunflowers, mushrooms, berries, to pick flowers.
Let’s write down your homework
SB p. 86 слова выучить
WB p. 53 № 1
ГИА p. 66 № 1, р. 70 №6

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