Презентация по теме Lets cook Spotlight 6.

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To make delicious things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I7ZNRpDsF8 A bottle of cereal A carton of olive oil A box of potato A packet of milk A piece of chocolate A kilo of crisps A jar of bread A bag of jam A loaf of cheese A bar of rice Match the words in two columns to get expressions with containers and quantities. http://learningapps.org/display?v=p7q7bthx216 Put the words in the correct order. still/fizzy/water/or/mineral? ______I/ like/would/the/pate. _____________ready/you/are/order/to? __________I’d/chicken/for/like/main/the/course. ___What/would/you/vegetables/like? _________ Use much or many.Did you buy __________ food yesterday?There aren’t __________ oranges left in the fridge.Nick hasn’t got __________ money.Use little/a little/few/a few.There was __________ food in the fridge. It was nearly empty.Do you want sugar in your cocoa? – Yes, ___________, please.There’s very __________ rice left for pilaw (плов). Time to rest http://www.mes-games.com/food.php Ex.2, p.90 40 min 16 Flour, sugar, soda, salt, an egg, yoghurtmilk, oil, apple,… Preheat, stir, mix, add, put, bake Speaking Ex.4, p.90 The self-preparation work Ex.2 р.55 WB The achievements I know vocabulary. I can read the text. I can tell how to make pancakes. I feel comfortable. I have some mistakes in vocabulary /speaking/ reading. I feel nervous. My mark is …

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