Обобщающий урок английского языка по теме “Friends and Friendship” в 9 классе

Обобщающий урок по теме “Friends and Friendship”
Образовательные задачи: 1.Обобщить работу по теме секции.
2.Активизировать изученную лексику по теме, а также со-
временные разговорные формулы.
Развивающие задачи: 1.Развивать коммуникативные навыки учащихся,
умение творчески использовать усвоенный материал в но-
вых ситуациях.
2. Развивать умение учащихся делать краткие высказы-
вания по теме, обсуждать отдельные вопросы , выражать
своё мнение,дискутировать, задавать вопросы, делать обоб-
Воспитательные задачи:1.Развивать сотрудничество в парной и групповой
2.Воспитать культуру общения.
3.Воспитать чувство доброты, поддержки, взаимопомощи.
Оснащение : Урок сопровождается мультимедийной презентацией.

Этапы урока
Организационный момент
Речевая разминка
Работа с пословицами о дружбе
Групповая работа
Работа в парах по картинкам
Разминка. Исполнение песни о дружбе
Компьютерные презентации учащихся
Подведение итогов урока. Выставление оценок.
Домашнее задание
Ход урока
T.: Good morning, my friends! Glad to see you!
The title of our lesson is “Friends and Friendship”. Today we are going to speak on lots of topic:
What is friendship?
When and why do we need friends?
How to be a real friend?
Friendless? Is it a problem?
Well, children! Friends and friendship...People sing songs about it, devote poems, stories...A lot has been already written and said.
Name any books or films you remember about friendship.What are your favourite books and films about friendship? Say why.
I think that friendship is a great thing! No wonder that people of all countries have so many proverbs about it. I have some proverbs and quotations for you. Look and match them!
A man is known… is to be one.
Money can’t… is the medicine of life.
A true friend… are best.
The only way to have a friend… is a friend indeed.
Old friends… all for one.A friend in need… slower in changing.One for all… buy friendship.
Be slow in choosing a friend… as an ignorant friend.
Nothing is so dangerous… by the company he keeps.

Work in groups. Read what people said about friendship centuries ago, and not so long ago. Choose one saying you like best and explain what it means for you.
“A friend is one before whom I may think aloud.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” Henry Ford
“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art...It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” C.S. Lewis
“In the and, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of
our friends.” Martin Luther King
“Misfortune shows those who are not really friends.” Aristotle
Do you want to know if you are a good friend? There is a questionnaire for you. Answer the questions.
Questionnaire «Are you a good friend?»
1.I can keep up a conversation only when its theme is interesting to me.
2.I would rather speak to my friend else than listen.
3.I don’t care whether I am listened to.
4.I like to argue.
5.I don`t care what my friend thinks of me.
6.I keep on insisting of my view even if I am wrong.
7.It is not important to me whether the theme of the conversation is interesting to my friend or not.
8.I can never imagine myself in my friend`s place.
9.If the conversation is not interesting to me, I can interrupt my friend .
Answers: “Yes”-0
If you have more “No” answers , you are a good friend.
Look at the pictures below. Guess what has happened. Choose one of the pictures. Make up a dialogue and act it out with your classmate.
Have a rest. Let’s sing our favourite song about friendship.
Watch presentations of your classmates about friendship. Then make up questions to get more information.
(Учащиеся защищают свои компьютерные презентации)
Your presentations are creative.You make me happy. I am glad that you have real friends.You can rely on them in difficult situations. Appreciate your friends.
Your work today was excellent and your marks are… .Your home task is … . Thank you for the lesson. The lesson is over. Goodbye.
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