Презентация Наш отдых в Британии

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HAVE A RESTIN BOURNEMOUTH SO GOOD DAY! Location – BournemouthBournemouth is located on the south coast of England. This university town is famous for its mild climate pleasant central southern England. Bournemouth - one of the most popular resorts in the UK - has a long chain of safe sandy beaches, two berths and a lot of parks and gardens. There are all conditions for recreation and entertainment: a lot of good restaurants, cafes and traditional English pubs and discos, night clubs, theaters and museums. This city is ideal not only for leisure but also for the study of English.

Cavendish School is located in an elegant building in the outskirts of Bournemouth. The three-storey school building has recently been refurbished and modernized. The school is just a short walk from the city center and from most of the attractions of Bournemouth. Nearby are the golden sandy beaches.
The school offers a rich entertainment, trips to London, Oxford, Stounbridzh, Winchester, Bath, etc., group and individual sports (tennis, squash, volleyball, etc.).
Effective language learning available to students - equipped classrooms, computers with free Internet access, video and audio materials, spacious lounges, as well as professional qualified teachers

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