Презентация на английском языке по теме: Малые города России

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B e l a y a K a l I t v a Belaya Kalitva was founded in 1703 just in the same year as St. Petersburg. Belaya Kalitva-is a town (since 1958) in Russia, belongs to the Rostov region. There are two rivers in the town: Seversky Donets River and Kalitva River. It`s quite nice, green and very neat town. In one of the hills there is the Russian monument to the Russian knight Igor , dedicated to the brave Russian warriors. There is a Historical Monument. The cultural life of the city is the Palace of culture, cultural center, school of the arts with branches, 2 beautiful parks, 6 libraries. Two Sisters decorate our town from the other bank of the river Seversky Donets. Our town has the rich and vivid nature.

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