Презентация по английскому языку на тему: Аномалии Волгоградской области

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Mystery of our native region The Medveditsky ridge The Medveditsky ridge being at distance of 15-18 kilometers from the city of Zhirnovska, represents a chain of hills in height about 250 meters. Eyewitnesses argue that unimaginable things for the normal person – besides there are created that the UFO of a various look there appears almost every week, the Medveditsky ridge simply draws to itself fireballs. Here their whole congestion. It is said that sometimes it is possible to observe at once a little very quietly flying it is low over the earth of fiery spheres which easily burn to itself a way through thick trunks of trees. Besides, according to some researchers of anomalies of the Medveditsky ridge, these lightnings fly strictly over two caves which were underground on small depth. As it was already noted at the beginning of report, these places simply teem with emergence of UFO. There are here and strange objects the triangular form, being shone round or spherical objects. Some locals argue, what even saw a landing such here UFO …   Much still secrets this abnormal zone in the territory of our area that there are very strange keys beating from under the earth stores. In one place from under the earth there is a distilled water, and in other beats a radioactive spring!«Probably, you the unclear objects seen from space …» By means of the Internet will interest found a circle, well distinguishable from a terrestrial orbit. It was the Ilovlinsky area, vicinities of a village Tryokhostrovsky. Instant measurement showed diameter: 208 meters. The shaft is surrounded by a heathland, nearby a first coat, around – the steppe and a bush. Strange construction … On a barrow not probably, however the rukotvornost of object is conclusive. Who and why needed to outline such ideal circle in the steppe, it is far from human settlements? long-term layers of ashes, as if from a set of the burned-down logs are found. The circle is created not by shaft, and quite deep and wide ditch dug as if on compasses. Depth more than two meters, width of meters thirty. The artificial hill in height in three meters inside rises. The burned stones, slag, caked masses of reddish loam, wood угль around roll. A lot of things says that here once fire long ago burned. There is one more feature. When archeologists conducted excavation, at night one student saw here a fiery sphere which did strange movements over a circle. – there found a strong power point. – cellular in that area are silent: there is no network signal. But at an entrance in this circle, communication becomes excellent. The power strong also operates well. Gloomy thoughts disappear, the depression vanishes. Such riddles in the nature meet across all Russia! for example: Eyewitnesses and UFO declassificationMany messages on supervision of UFO are inexact, in them can not be named exact date, a place, characteristics of objects. To receive at the eyewitness the most detailed information on incident — a task of the ufologist. Often eyewitnesses can start with their personal ideas of the UFO nature at the description AbsurditySome elements of contacts to UFO can seem absurdHypotheses from the point of view of an orthodox branch of Christian religion — in the address Patriarch Kirill says about the UFO nature that an essence of the nature of UFO — intrigues of a devil and UFO are anything other as the demons, which people sees in such look as spheres, disks, etc. Confirms the approval by argument that in the Middle Ages people saw demons in one appearance, and with growth of technologies and science development demons and devils try to take the form, the most clear to the person and "logically explainable" from the technical point of view

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