Презентация по английскому языку на тему Make a meal of it

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MAKE A MEAL OF IT! = one pound85 p= eighty – five pence/ p= one pound twenty (pence) £ 1. 20£ 1. 20£ 1 a packet of biscuitsa bar of chocolate a kilo of potatoesa loaf of bread 89 pa jar of jama carton of milka bottle of Coke a tin of beans £ 1.09£ 1.1589 p.£ 2.15£ 1.1095 p.79 p.67 p.

Can I have a packet of biscuits, please? Yes, of course. Here you are. That’s one pound nine pence, please.£ 1.09

We’ve got a lot of sugar.We haven’t got much sugar.Have we got much sugar?We’ve got a lot of tomatoes.We haven’t got many tomatoes.Have we got many tomatoes?

Ex. 3, p. 46 Read and choose There are tomatoes in the salad.Do we need bread?I take sugar in my tea.There aren’t eggs in the fridge.There’s sugar in the cake.Have you got mangoes?a lot ofmuch muchmanymanya lot of muchmanymucha lot ofmuchmany

How much do you know about food around the world?What is another name for chips?A English friesB French friesC American fries
Where is Cheddar cheese from?A Spain B EnglandC France
In Italy, when you order a cappuccino, they bringA lemonadeB coffeeC milk
If an American is eating a cookie, he’s eating aA cakeB biscuitC sandwich
style.color In Japan, they eat sushi. What is it?A meatB fishC fruit
style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.type Well done!!!
May I leave the table?Yes, you may.No, you may not. Ex. 1, p. 48. Read and match. Then act out.1. May I have some more potatoes, please?2. May I ask my friend for dinner?3. May I wash my hands?4. May I eat my lunch in the living room?5. May I eat the apple pie, please? 1. May I have some more potatoes, please?Sure, here you are.2. May I ask my friend for dinner?Of course you may. What’s her name?3. May I wash my hands?Yes, the bathroom’s down the hall.4. May I eat my lunch in the living room?No, you may not. Eat in the kitchen , please.5. May I eat the apple pie, please? Not yet. It’s still very hot.

Ex 2, p. 48All over the world!Fish and chips is English,Sushi’s Japanese.Pizza is Italian,So is mozzarella cheese!All around the worldPeople love to eat.All around the world Food is such a treat!In Spain they eat paella,In China they eat rice.The Russians think potatoesAre really, really nice! What kind of food: dairy, fruit, vegetable or meat? Say!{BC89EF96-8CEA-46FF-86C4-4CE0E7609802}dairyfruitvegetablemeat

Excellent!!! Thank you for your performance!

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