Презентация по английскому языку на тему Здоровье (6 класс)

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

HEALTH What’s the matter?A diseaseNose dropsCough syrupThe plagueTo cureTo have a coughTo be illTo have/get a fluTo have/get a cold I have a headache I have a sore throat A toothache A stomachache An earache A broken leg To feel better To feel worse To go to hospital Exactly When should people get up and go to bed? How many times a day should people clean their teeth? What should people do before eating? What healthy food should people eat? Whom should people consult to prevent an illness? What should people do if they have a cold? What should people do if they have a toothache? What should people do if they have a flu? Good health is above wealth An apple a day keeps a doctor away Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise A sound mind in a sound body Кто рано ложится и рано встаёт, здоровье, богатство и ум наживётВ здоровом теле – здоровый духКушай по яблоку в день, и доктор не понадобитсяЗдоровье дороже богатства wealth is good above health a day apple an away keeps doctor a to and healthy bed wise makes a rise man early and early to wealthy a mind sound in body a sound - Hello!- How are you?-That’s a good idea!-I’ve got a stomachache.-What’s the matter?-Hi!-I don’t feel well.-Thank you.-I’m sorry to hear that. You should take some tablets.-I hope you’ll better soon. If you’ve got fluIf you’ve got a coldIf you’ve got a coughIf you’ve got a cutIf you’ve got toothacheIf you’ve got a sore throatIf you’ve cut your fingerIf you’ve burnt your armIf you’ve broken your legIf you’ve broken your arm stay in bed and keep warm drink hot milk with honey go out take tablets and drink much water pull your tooth out put a plaster on it put your finger under cold water drink hot tea with jam eat onion and garlic eat ice-cream and drink cold water you should you shouldn’t Last Sunday morning Ronald took part in the football match. It was rather cold. The weather was not fine at all. And it even started to rain. When Ronald came home he had a terrible headache and a red throat. Mother called the doctor. The temperature was high. Doctor said: Ronald is really ill! He is running a high temperature. He is sneezing and coughing now. I am going to prescribe some medicine. Ronald should stay in bed for three days at least. He will be much better soon. The weatherRonald’s illnessWhat the doctor did when she cameWhat the doctor asked Ronald to do the doctor’s advicethe mother’s call to the doctorthe weather on the day of the footballthe doctor’s visitRonald’s health at the end of the day HEALTH To do morning exercises To clean teeth twice a day To eat healthy food To wash hands before eating To go in for sports Get up early and go to bed early Never smoke To air the room

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