Грамматические задания по теме Construction There is/ There [email protected]

Key words:
a basket
a bathroom
a bedroom
a carpet
a CD player
a clock a dining room
a floor
a photo
a kitchen
a poster
a sitting room
1. Read the text.
My Room by Sophie
In my house there are seven rooms — a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, a sitting room and three bedrooms.
My sister and I have got a big bedroom. There are two beds and two chairs in the bedroom, there's a desk under the window. The walls are blue. My sister's posters are on the wall.
There are two small tables next to the beds. I've got a CD player and a clock on my table. On my sister's table there are books and a photo of her cat.
There's a yellow carpet on the floor and there's a basket next to my sister's bed. The basket is for Sandy — my sister's cat. It's Sandy's bedroom too!
2. Tick true. Cross false.
1. Sophie's bedroom is her sister's bedroom too.
2. Sophie's bedroom is big.
3. The walls are pink.
4. Sophie has got a CD player.
5. Sandy's basket is next to Sophie's bed.
There is
There’s a cat in the basket.
There are seven cats.
!!! There’re
1. Choose and write: There is/ are
1. _________ a ball under the chair.
2._________a bed next to the table.3. _________ two cars on the road.
4._________ a sofa in the bedroom.5. __________ posters on the wall.
2. Circle the correct word:
1. There …… a chair at the desk.
a are b aren’t c is
2. There is an …….. in the picture.
a dog b elephant c cat
3. There …… pens in the box.
a is b aren’t c isn’t
4. There are ……….. in the bag.
a two book b a book c two books

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