Презентация Открытый урок — SAVE THE EARTH

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Free Powerpoint Templates SAVE THE EARTH Открытый урок в группе 1 КСК-2преподавателя Школы молодого педагога Ахметова Айгуль Мутагаровна, преподаватель ГБПОУ УКСИВТ, г. Уфа "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water" Benjamin Franklin Deforestation Litter Air pollution Water pollution Energy waste Endangered species Task 1.Mark the sentences as T(true),F(false),or DS(doesn`t say). 1.Around 50,000 people die every year in the UK because of energy waste(F) 2.Car and bus exhaust fumes make the air dirty(DS) 3.Britons use 12.5 million tons of paper annually(T) 4.About 7,200 animal species in the world are threatened with extinction(T) 5.If your TV is off but it is plugged in, it doesn`t use electricity(F) 6.Factories dump waste in rivers, lakes and oceans(DS) h. (10) i. (11) j. (4) k. (12) l. (13) m. (7) n. (8) a. (14) b. (6) c. (9) d. (1) e. (3) f. (2) g. (5) use public transport - recycle old newspapers and plastic, etc- plant trees- walk to school/work - use cloth bags instead of plastic ones- gather rainwater and use it to water their gardens- reuse things - organize a clean-up day- pick up rubbish- Exercise 4, page 69 use public transport -использовать общественный транспортrecycle old newspapers and plastic, etc-перерабатывать старые газеты и пластикplant trees-сажать деревьяwalk to school/work -ходить пешком в школу/на работуuse cloth bags instead of plastic ones-использовать тканевые сумки вместо пластиковыхgather rainwater and use it to water their gardens-собирать дождевую воду для полива садовreuse things -вторично использовать вещиorganize a clean-up day-организовать субботникpick up rubbish-собирать мусор Home task: - to revise all words and expressions, grammar rules of module 3 Today I have learned... At the lesson I was impressed by... It was interesting for me ... It was boring ... It was difficult for me... It was useful for me... I could.../couldn`t Now I know exactly that ... I didn`t know that...... before At the lesson I was surprised by ... I`ve learned new words and expressions such as... I liked/didn`t like the lesson... LET’S SAVE THE EARTH NOW! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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