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Date: The _____ of Grade: 5 “A”
The theme of the lesson: My room
The aims of the lesson:1) Educational: Presentation of the lesson about room, to train new words, draw student’s attention to the use of much, many, a lot of and any and discussion an English language
2) Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills to learn 7 Letters.
3) Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
Vocabulary: prepositions of place: in, at, in front of, near, next to, on, over, under and mirror, pillow, hall, hooks, enough
Inter-subject connection: Kazakh, English
The type of the lesson: presentation, integrative
Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction
The equipment of the lesson: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters, computers,
interactive board.
The procedure of the lesson
I) Organization moment
a) Greetings -Good morning children?
-How are you?
b) A talk about on duty
-Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today? c) A talk about the weather?
-What day is it today? -What season is it now?
-What date is it today? - What month is it now?
Check up the home task
Children what was your home task for today?
Ex:6 p82 Describe your bedroom.
There are 2 lamps on the toilet tables. There is a bed and wardrobe in the room. There isn’t a carpet on the floor. New words .Ex. 11 p. 83 Show me your business cards!
Warm –Up
Today we are going to continue talking about your rooms in your houses.
Some – (тек болымды сөйлемде қолданылады)
Any - немного (сұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемде қолданылады.)
There are some pictures on the walls.
There aren’t any chairs in the room.
Are there any pillows on the sofa?
Children read the dialogue in ex: 2 p84 and find the questions and negative sentences with any and sentences with some.
Lets do ex: 2 p83. Is there a desk near the chair? Is there a bed in the middle of the room. Is there a chair under the table.Ex. 4 p. 84. Read the sentences and translate them. Ask your partner a questions. Then look up the new words in the vocabulary of the textbook, write.
The main part:
I write on the blackboard the things that I need to buy and work at the new words.
For example: I need to buy a wardrobe.
a telephone
a shelf
I need a wall unite, but I can’t. It’s expensive.
Ex: 5,8 p85. Do you need a table?
No, I don’t need a table.
Ex:9 p85 answer the question and talk to your partner.
Ex:10,11 p 86. Read the text and translate.
Grammar notes: Presentation much, many, a lot of
Much and many are used in negatives and questions. Much is used with uncountable nouns, many with countable nouns. Much as singular and many as plural.
A lot of is used in positives, negatives and questions. It’s used both with countable and uncountable nouns.
Ex: 13 p 87. Look at the picture and read the sentences.
Ex: 14 p 87. Talk to your partner.
Control of understanding
Home task Exercise : 11, 16 p 88 Write about your room. To learn the new words;
What was the theme of our lesson? Yes, that’s right. Let’s remember the new words. What do you need to buy?
The marks for the lesson are … The lesson is over! Good-bye!

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