Итоговый тест. Английский язык. 5 класс.

Final test.
Choose the right forms to complete the sentences.
John and Sally (travel/travels) to the farm every summer.
John (hate/hates) rainy weather.
The Barkers (visit/visits) their friends in Glasgow.
Margaret (cook/cooks) suppers for her husband and children.
Margaret and Richard (have/has) their holidays in August.
Chase (walk/walks) in the park in the evening.
Smokey and Chase (sleep/sleeps) in the hall.
Choose the right forms to complete the sentences.
Roy is … than his brother Jack
youngb) youngerc) the youngest
Winters in Moscow now are … than twenty years ago.
warmb) warmerc) the warmest
Horses are … than cars.
slowb) slowerc) the slowest
Is this book … in the library?
oldb) olderc) the oldest
Green Hill is not very …
highb) higherc) the highest
Jack’s bike is … It is Jack’s birthday present.
newb) newerc) the newest
Is the elephant … animal?
strongb) strongerc) the strongest
Sarah! Your hands are … than your brother’s hands!
dirtyb)dirtier c) the dirtiest
Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in the past forms.
We (enjoy) playing tennis last Sunday.
Masha (begin) learning English at school.
Granny (like) growing cucumbers when she lived in the country.
I (hate) washing up when my parents were on holiday.
Jenny (stop) dancing when she was 12.
Last year Mary (to try) to keep to a diet.
They (to drive) to the Lake District last summer.
I (to hear) Mr. Wilson’s new song and (not to like) it.
They (to leave) for Madrid five days ago.
When I was a child, I (to dream) about becoming a pilot.

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