Презентация по английскому языку Family ties.Spotlight 11 Module 1. Family ties.

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Family tiesSpotlight 11 Module 1 Family words The nuclear family consists of only the parents and their children. The extended family is formed by parents, children, uncles and aunts, grandparents, etc. In a one-parent or single-parent family there is only one parent living with the children, either because they are divorced or because they have decided to raise their children single-handedly. A relative is someone who belongs to your family. Relatives can either be close or distant. Relation is another way to say "relative", especially in spoken English. A blood relation is someone who is related to you by birth, not by marriage. Your next of kin is your closest relative. Ancestors or forefathers are the people from whom you are descended. Descendants are the relatives of a person or group of people who are born many years after them. Siblings/sibs are individuals having one or both parents in common. Family Idioms It runs in the family - an ability or talent that is passed on through the generations (My brothers and I have red hair. It runs in the family.) your own flesh and blood - a member of your family, do not forget it! blood is thicker than water - family ties are stronger than any others, despite arguments bad blood - hostility or unfriendliness between two families or family members black sheep of the family - the worst member of the family Compare and contrast the pictures:What do they have in common? How different are they? Use: They (are quite similar because they) both/ all show/have/are… There are ……..in both/all of them. There are some differences. One…..but the other ….. The one on the left is/shows/has ……but the one on the right .... The left photo …… while the right one…...

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