Презентация по английскому языку на тему Ярмарка веселья 7 класс, Модуль 6

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Презентация к уроку в 7 классе на тему “ Fun Fair”Подготовила учитель СевПКУПанасенко В.П. Do you use computers? What for?What gadgets will you use in the future? Why?Answer the questions. Today I will:Listen, read and talk about theme park activities, fun activitiesLearn new words Revise previous material

Fun activitiesTheme ParkFun FairCircusFly in a pirate shipShake hands with cartoon charactersSee famous landmarksGo on a water rideRide on a roller-coasterMeet a ghostExplore a haunted mansionGo on a rocket journeyGo souvenir shoppingRide on the big wheelEat candy flossSee trapeze artistsSee clowns perform tricks

1112345678910 In the theme park I can1- see trapeze artists2- ride on the big wheel3- shake hands with cartoon characters4- see famous landmarks5- see clowns performing tricks6- fly a pirate ship7- ride on a rollercoaster8-go souvenir shopping9- eat candy floss10- go on a water ride

EnglishRussianEat candy flossGo souvenir shoppingFly in pirate tripSee famous landmarksShake hands with cartoon charactersExplore a haunted mansionRide on a rollercoaster1. Translate the word combinations. Disneyland in Tokyo Read the texts at p. 56, ex. 3 and say three things you would like to do in Tokyo Disneyland and things you would like to visit in Tobu World Square in Japan. Say why? Which attractions did you visit last time? Share your experience with your classmates. Answer the questions.Where can you…1 see famous landmarks? in Tobu World Square.2 have lunch? bothhave a scary experience? Disneylandsee small buildings? in Tobu World Square.5 see funny characters? Disneyland. rrrrrr NEW WORDSTiny- very small – крошечныйHome-cooked –cooked in the home- домашнего приготовленияGhosts-phantoms – призракиStroll-leisurely walk- прогулкаTrapeze artists- circus artists performing on a special shell- артист на трапецииHaunted mansion- an old building with ghosts- замок с привидениямиLandmark- sightseeing – достопримечательностьBig wheel- a special wheel attraction – чертово колесоFun fair- a fair consisting of rides, sideshows- ярмарка веселья

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