Презентация Present Continuous. Тренировочные упражнения

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Present Continuous Rain – rainingWork –Eat –Read –Clean –Do –Wait –Look –Walk –Play –Climb –Sing –Ski —  Put – puttingSwim –Sit –Stop –Run –Jog –Skip –Hop –Get —  Упражнение 1. Write the -ing forms of these words. (Правила прибавления окончания ing.) Упражнение 2. Заполни таблицу.The teacher is _________ a text now.rideI am _______with my dog now.takeLook! He is _______his bike.standThe ducks are _________.makeWe are _____ in the classroom.swimLook! Polly is _____ my pen.runThe pupils are ______ up.readKate is _______ a cake now.sitAre you _____  to school now?play Вставьте подходящий глагол в ing-овой форме. Упражнение 3. Read what a boy is saying. Write in am, is or are.A)I'm in the park. I can see some children. They ____ playing volleyball. There's my friend Greg! He ____ reading a book. The girl ____ eating a sandwich. The boy and the dog ____ playing with a ball. They can't see me because I ____ sitting in a tree. What ___ you doing? ____ you listening to me? B)Look! The children ____ jumping.The cat ____ sleeping now.My friend and I ____ not dancing now.Dave ___ reading now.Look! I ___ swimming. Упражнение 4. Write the words in the ing-form form.Feed, walk, wash, play, doCan I speak to Brad, please? I'm sorry, he's _________ his pet now.Can I speak to Paul, please? I'm sorry, he's _________ his homework now.What about Kelly? No, sorry, she's _________ her pet in the park now.Can I speak to Jenny then? Sorry, she's__________ the dishes now.Can I speak to Alice or Alex, please? I'm sorry, they're_______ tennis now. Make up negative sentences in Present Progressive.the sofa / Sam / is / on / not / sitting.Are / playing / not / the cats.cooking / Mother / not / my / isReading / friends / her / are / not Упражнение 6. Make up questions.now / Tom / coffee  / is / drinking?playing / Now / the / boys / are?the / skipping / girl / now / is?the / eating / fish / cats / are? testУпражнение 8. Составьте предложения в Present Continuous.in the classroom / am / I / standing  /now.Pete / reading / not  / a book /  now / is.listening  / now / the pupils /are  / to the teacher.now  / playing /  they /  are /  games.me  / helping  / now / my  / not /  friend /  is.dancing  / with /  is / she  / now  / Fred? Упражнение 11. Переведите предложения на русский язык.Mary is drinking coffee and listening to music.Mike is telling a story.She is writing a letter.Ann is working very hard.The cat is eating its supper. Thanks for your attention

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