Тестовая работа Forward 7 класс

Тестовая работа для 7 класса (Вербицкая М.В.)
Future arrangements
Translate into English
Я встречаюсь с редактором в восемь часов.
Я встречусь с редактором.
Choose correct form
I’m meeting/ I’ll meet my mum and dad outside the post office at three o’clock.
I’m buying/I’ll buy a new motorbike if I win in the lottery.
When + present
Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the right form
It … (to be) a very different village when the new school is built.
Are you going to visit the Eiffel Tower when you … (go) to Paris?
Annette is going to work in a supermarket when she … (leave) school.
Checking information
Complete the question tags
You go to school at eight o’clock, …?You’re Maria, …?He’s fourteen years old, …?Continuous actions
Open the brackets and put the verbs in Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Robert (be) in Orlando for two weeks.
Ted (dive) since last year.
He (work) at the RAP for two years.
Translate into English
У всех в этом классе каникулы в августе.
Никто в этом классе не изучал английский в пять лет.
У большинства людей есть машина.
Write these dates in words

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