Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему My flat

Level: 5th grade
Theme: Unit 7.Home. Step 1.My flat.
The aims: Learning to speak about their flat (house). To develop students’ critical thinking, their abilities to work in groups, self assessment.
Parts of the lesson Time Teacher’s action of management Content Cognitive action of students Visual aids, resources
Introduction 8 min I part:
1. Organization moment: greeting the students.
2.Divide the class into groups.
3. Checking up homework: asking active vocabulary. Review the words using the method “Snowball” - divide into two groups;
- tell the words that you remember, the next student repeats and continues. words
Presentation of the lesson 5 min
ІІ part:
Explain the method.
Plan of their flat.
New words.
- Draw a plan of your flat;
- Speak using the new words;
Main part 10 min ІІІ part:
Explain the method. Singular and plural forms of words.
there is-there’s - Read and remember!
- Listen and repeat;
- Read and find things in the picture. book
note book
2 m Physical minute. shake their bodies, … 5 min IV part
Interview. Dialogue.
Questions. - Listen to the questions and answers.
- Ask and answer.
- Speak about your interview.
- Describe your living room. book,
Conclusion 5 min V part:
Comprehension check.
Ex 16-17 -Look and say!
- Count map
2 min VІ part:
Puts summative assessment. Evaluating by criteria of assessment.
-Count your score. smiles
Home assignment
1 min VІ part:
Self assessment-write in a diary. book
Reflection of the lesson 2 min VІІ part:
2 stars, an offer. Write. My interview.
Learn words.
I like ……………It seems ……………
During a lesson …………My mood was ……………..Methods of the lesson.................... sheets

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