Noun lesson plan form 5

КГУ средняя школа-сад имени Крупская

English teacher: Zhyngylbayeva N Zh
Subject: Practical grammar
The theme of the lesson: Noun. The category of number. The Plural of noun.
The aim of the lesson: By the end of the lesson, students should know about nouns, category of numbers and plural of nouns, should know how to use them in practice.
Educational aim: to introduce the new grammar materials and structures, new words and word combinations connecting with theme.
Up – bringing aim: to bring-up the interest and love to speak in English.
Developing aim: develop students’ skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing.
2. to develop memory, understanding, oral and written skills. develop student’s thinking, ability to express their opinions.
Communicative aim: talking about grammar and use them in practice
The type of lesson: presentation of the new theme, practical lesson
The form of lesson: traditional
Methods of teaching: demonstrative, exercises, instructions
Methods of checking: answer-question, work with cards, blackboard
Technology: using informative technology
Inter-subject connection: phonetics, stylistic.
The equipment of the lesson:
Visual AIDS: schemes, pictures
Distributing material: cards
Technical means: computer, active board, tape-recorder
Literature: Yu.Golizinski “Grammar. Exercises”
Additional material: handouts, cards
I. Introduction
Checking homework.
Aims of the lesson.
Phonetic training.
II. Presentation
Work with vocabulary
Doing some grammar exercises
III. Concluding Part
Giving homework
Marking students
Good morning, dear friends!
Good morning, good morning,
Good morning to you,
Good morning, good morning,
We are glad to see you!
I am glad to see you too.
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
Who is absent today?
What is the weather like today?
Checking homework
What about your homework?
To do Ех 136, 137 p. 106-107, work with words
Ok, who is ready? Lets start!
Aims of the lesson
Look at the board. Today we’ll discuss new grammatical material Noun. The category of number. The Plural of noun.
We’ll work in groups and pairs. And do different exercises on blackboard and cards.
Phonetic training
Let `s do some phonetic exercises. Repeat after me:
"Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat,
Can you catch?
That big fat rat?
If you catch,
That bad fat rat,
You will have
Some milk for that"

Work with vocabulary
You have got the sheets with new words and expressions, which we need this lesson for our work. Please, look at them and repeat the words after me.
1. Stand up!- Тұрыңыз!
2. Stop! – Тоқтаңыз!
3. Listen!- Тыңданыз!
4. Go away!- Кетіңіз!
5. Sit down!- Отырыныз!
6. Go over there!-Бұл жерден кетіңіз!
7. Stop talking!- Тыныш!
8. Don’t stop!-Тоқтама!
9. Don’t listen!-Тындама!
10. Come back!-Қайт!
11. Come here!-Бері кел!
New grammar theme. Noun. The category of number. The Plural of noun.

Doing some grammar exercises
Let’s do some exercises on this theme and check our knowledge.

So my dear students, what do you understand about new grammar theme Noun. The Plural of noun? What is that? How can we use them in practice?
In conclusion, I would like to say that it’s very interesting to learn grammar. Now I am sure you know more about nouns. Review English grammar like verb to have, learn how to you use it. Did you like our lesson?
Giving homework
Now, please write down your homework: make up sentences using imperatives
Marking students
Your marks for the lesson are the following. Do you have any questions? Thank you for your attention. The lesson is over. You may be free. Goodbye!

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