Уроки английского языка план на тему Culture time. Earning money in the USA (3 класс)

Date: The ______ of December
Form: 3
Theme of the lesson: Culture time. Earning money in the USA
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: presentation of the lesson about “Earning money in the USA”, to train new words and discussion an English language.
Developing: to develop the pupil’s habits of the oral speech, to develop pupil’s creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills.
Bringing – up: to bring up interest to the subject to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.
The type of the lesson: new theme
Methods of teaching: practical, work with book, training, question, answer.
The equipment of the lesson: cards
Inter – subject connection: Kazakh
The outline of the lesson:
Organization moment; (2 minutes)
Phonetic drills; (10 minutes)
The presentation of the new theme; (10 minutes)
Doing the exercises; ( 10 minutes)
Control of understanding; (9 minutes)
Home task; (2 minutes)
Conclusions and marks. (2 minutes)
Organization moment:
Good afternoon pupils!
Good afternoon teacher!
How are you?
We are fine, thank you! And you?
I am fine, thank you! Sit down, please.
A talk about on duty today:
Who is on duty today?
We are on duty today.
Who is absent today?
All are present. (… is/are absent)
A talk about the date:
What date is it today?
Today is the 2nd of September.
What day is it today?
Phonetic drills:
Questions Answers
What job do you do to help in the house? Do you earn money from these jobs? Do you get pocket money every week? What do you buy with your pocket money? The presentation of the new theme:
New words:
Earn – ақша табу
Pocket money – жұмсайтын ақша
Birthday present – туған күнге сыйлық
CD – диск
Dollar - доллар
Job – жұмыс
Money box – жинақ сандықша
Do the shopping – базарлау, сауда жасау
Do the washing up – ыдыс жуу
Make the beds – төсекті жинау
Doing the exercises:
Exercise 1. Did you do any jobs last week? Ask your friend.
What jobs did you do last week?
I cleaned the kitchen.
I did the shopping.
I made the beds.
I worked in the garden.
Control of understanding:
Activity book 3. Exercise 1a. What can you do to read in English better? Look at the pictures. Tick (v) the boxes.
1 = I can’t do this. 2 = I can do this sometimes. 3 = I can do this a lot.
I can find books in English in the library.
I can read magazines in English.
I can read and write letters in English to a penfriend.
I can read the words for songs on my CDs.
Home task:
Read with Berik.

Conclusions and marks.
Your marks are ….
Good bye!

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