Plan of the lesson Food and drink

 Food and drink
The theme of the lesson: Food and drinkThe aim; Grammar. The verb haveVocabulary; Food, drinks and mealsCommunicative tasks; Talking about food and drinkWriting a report about eating habitsThe visual aids: interaction the blackboard, posterThe prodecure: 1. Organization momentGood morning children. Sit down pleaseTeacher:.T.: Who is absent today? - P.: All are presentT.: What date is it today? - P.: Today is the 7th of DecemberT.: What day of the week is it today? -- P.: Today is Monday.T.: What theme is it today? - P.: It’s ‘ Food and drink. ’2. Checking home tasks Read the sentences. Exercise 1 and 5Presentation new material. VocabularyBread - нанcereal - үлпекToast - тостmilk - сүтButter - майcoffee - кофеTea - шәйchicken - тауық етіOrange juice – апельсин шырыныfruit - жемісYoghurt - айранfish - балықWater - суeggs - жұмыртқаCheese - сырham - шошқа етіSausages - шұжықvegetables - көкөністерPasta - кеспеsandwich - сэндвичKey grammar ‘ have’ бар деген мағынаны білдіреді. (кесте)Постер қорғау. Әр күннің шуағына заттардың атын жазу1 - топ Food /тағамдар/2 - топ Vegetables/көкөністер/3 - топ Fruit/ жемістер/4 - топ Drinks/cусындар/Сonclusion. Test. Activities 1. Fill in the gaps: w_term __l__na. Watermelon b. wotermelan c. watermelon d. watermelon2. Choose the correct name for a group of words:Banana, pineapple, pear, peach, orangeA Vegetables b. meat c. fruits d. porridge3. Put the fish into the ______. It’s cold there!a. table b. fridge c. chair d. kettle4. You eat too ________ ice - cream!a. much b. many c. some d. a5. Find the mistake in the sentence and choose its right varianta. How much eggs do you eat at breakfast?b. How much eggs are you eat at breakfast?c. How many eggs do you eat at breakfast?d. How many eggs do you drink?6. Put the words in the right order – make up a sentence:Porridge I to take some wantA. I want to take some porridgeB. I some porridge want to takeC. I. want to take some porridgeD. Some porridge I to take want7. Find the right question to this answer! No, it’s not. It’s very easya. It is difficult to make pizza?b. Is it easy to make pizza?c. Is it interesting to make pizza?d. Can you make pizza?Home task. Ex 2. Activity book. Read the dialogue at page 61Thank you. Good bye!

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