Plan of the lesson Kazakhstan and Great Britain

The theme: Kazakhstan and Great Britain
The aim: а.оқушылардың ойлау қабілетін кеңейту арқылы жаңа лексикамен
в.тіл байлықтарын дамыту
с.патриоттық тәрбиеге баулу
Type of the lesson: жарыс
Meth of the lesson: әңгімелеу, сұрақ-жауап
Visual aids: карта , Қазфқстан мен Ұлыбритания фоталары
The Procedure of the lesson
I.Org moment
-Good morning ,children.
-Sit down ,please.
Dear friends! I am very glad to see you. You are representatives of two great countries:
Kazakhstan and Great Britain.

I.Kazakhstan and great Britain:
About Kazakhstan:
1.How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?
2.Who is the head of Kazakhstan?
3.When does Kazakhstan celebrate the Independence day?
4.What river is Astana situated on?
5.What are the most popular national holiday in Kazaklhstan?
6.What kind of state is Kazakhstan?
7.Do you know great people of Kazakhstan?
About Great Britain
1.What is the official name of GB?
2.What are the countries of the UK?
3.What river is the British capital situated on?
4.Who is the head of GB?
5.What is the London home of the Queen?
6.What is Whitehall?
7.What kind of state is the UK?
II.The national Flag of your country.The national of Kazakhstan
The national flag of GBIII.Make up sentences:
1.island/in/Britain/the / Europe/largest/is/Great/
2.universities/ the/ Cambridge/are/famous/and/ most/ Oxford/ Kazakhstan/ the /Astana/ of/ capital/
4.can/ English /I/ into/ translate/ Kazakh/ from/
IV.Finish the proverbs:
1.Everything is good ------.
2.A cat in glovescatches-----.
3.Business before-----.
4.East and West, ------.
5.Where is a will------.
V.Find out a word.Lsocoh, dfnire, rewofl, yodihla, styeadeys, rothme.
VI.Do you know English and Kazakh songs and poems?
VII. The end.Dear friends our competition is over.

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