Partnership in the epoch of changes.

Theme: Partnership in the epoch of changes.
The aims: To develop thinking and speaking abilities
To enrich students vocabulary
To develop oral and dialogic speech, writing skills.
The expected result: Students must know more information about International partners Students will be able to speak about International Organizations which work in Kazakhstan
The main idea: To enlarge [email protected] knowledge
Time: Procedure of the lesson: Marking: Visual aids:
Organization moment: Greeting with students
Training “I wish you …” The students stand in a circle greet each other saying wishes
To divide students into small groups using the pictures of different international organizations
Checking up the home task Three claps Pictures
Interactive board
Motivation: 4)Slide 1.Prezantation of the new theme
2Slide 2-5. The emblems of international organizations and their definitions.
5) Slide6. New lexical words: epoch, partnership, diplomacy ,solid, legal, mutual, disbursement(practicing the pronunciation of the words)
Three claps Main part: 6)Work in groups.
Slide 7.Working with the text(reading, answering the questions, translating)
7)Grammar: Find all parts of speech in the text(nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives),
8)Slide 8.Comprehension check. Correct the false sentences.
9)Find the English equivalents (Ex. 7) Three claps Cards with questions and answers
Conclusion: KWL chart (to fill) Home task:
Reflection: Ex.9
Every student will be able to speak about international organizations which work in Kazakhstan. Marking students.

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