The most important things in a job

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The most important things in a job Aims: - To develop student’s thinking and speaking abilities;To increase student’s interests in learning English language;To enrich student’s vocabulary; You don’t walk. You don’t talk to the people in your cabin.You’re in the air.What job isYou look after people in hospital.You sometimes work day and sometimes night.What job is it?You build houses, buildings.What job is it?You mend cars.What job is it?You interview people.You write articles for newspapers.What job is it?You teach pupils,students.Your job is difficult but you have a long holiday.What job is it?Usually I stand in the street and look after the traffic. I don’t let people cross streets in wrong places. I let cars pass when the traffic lights change from yellow to green. A B A clerk helps people buy and sell buildings and land An architect wears and shows new fashions A disk jockey does general office work A geologist decides cases in a court law A judge introduces music and songs on the radio A model designs and draws plans for new buildings A civil servant studies rocks, soil, mountains A realtor works for the governments At what age can you do the following in Kazakhstan? age get a part-time job such as delivering newspapers? leave school? join the army forces? vote? go to a pub? buy alcohol? drive a car? get married without your parents permission? Remember!crucial – маңызды, шешушіentitle – бірдеңеге құқығы болуы consume - тұтынуclaim – талап ету Draw a diagram like this one in your notebook and complete it. Civilservanteacherealtorunnertaxidriver mechanicookgeologisteachernursengineer How many jobs can you find?

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