Презентация по английскому языку на тему Second Conditional(9 класс)

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Second Conditional Done by Yayazova DilfuzaSchool №28 “Akhbay” or Unreal Conditional If + simple past + would +verb(base form) Main Clause + If- Clause (would/could/might) + (simple past tense) We use the second conditional to express an unreal or unlikely situation in the present or in the future. Explanation Past Simple Tense and would, could, might in the second conditional don’t refer to past time. They refer to the present or future. There is not a big difference in meaning between would, could, or might in the second conditional. Examples If I had much money... …I would buy a beautiful dress. If I had ten thousand dollars, …I would buy a beautiful car. If I had three bananas, I would give you one of them. Explanation I would or short form I’d I would give three bananasor I’d give three bananas Situation: You are watching the stars one night with a friend. You start talking about aliens. You say: If some aliens landed on the earth, …I’d make friends with them. What would you do? ..if you were alone on an island. …if she had free time. explanation We use were instead of was in the if-clause of the second conditional.Example: If he were here,….. If I were there… Etc. What are you doing? If I were you, I wouldn’t do that. Exercises Complete the sentences. If you studied English hard,… If you were rich,… If you were a teacher,… Complete the sentences. My house would be more beautiful if… I would travell to London if… Our country would be richer if… Home task To make up 10 sentences Good Bye

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