Презентация на английском языке : Стихотворение Парус М.Ю. Лермонтова. Творчество поэта.

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Mihail Lermontov was born On the 15(th) of October in 1814 near Pyatigorsk Lermontov ‘s parents His father, capitan Yuri Petrovich Lermontov (1787-1831), His mother - Maria M., nee. Arsenyeva (1795-1817). Childhood of a poet The childhood of the poet was held in the Arsenyev's estate Tarkhany in Penza province. In the summer of 1825, the grandmother had got Lermontov to the Caucasus; children's experiences of Caucasian nature and life of the mountain peoples remained in his early works ("the Caucasus," 1830; "the Blue mountains of the Caucasus, I welcome you!..", 1832). Lermontov in Moscow In 1827 the family moved to Moscow, and in 1828, Lermontov is credited with pansiona 4-th class of the Moscow University noble boarding school, where he received a liberal education. Already in Tarkhany, Lermontov's keen interest in literature and poetic creativity. Already the pension is determined by the preferred orientation of Lermontov, A. S. Pushkin, Byronic poem. Byronic poem becomes the basis of early works by Lermontov. Lermontov in St.Petersburg 1834 - Lermontov defined in the life-guard hussar regiment, standing in Tsarskoye Selo. The main time Lermontov spent in St. Petersburg. Lermontov in Caucasus In February, 1837. for the poem "death of a poet" (a response to the death of Alexander Pushkin) was transferred with the same rank in the Nizhny Novgorod Dragoon regiment in the Caucasus. There was an acquaintance of Lermontov and Belinsky and exiled Decembrists. 3 Jan 1838. Lermontov returned from exile. At this time was published "the Song about merchant Kalashnikov...", "Tambov Treasurer", "Duma", "the Poet", "Three palm trees" .. In 1838-40 wrote the novel "Hero of our time" 15 Jul 1841. a duel with N. Martynov Lermontov was killed. He was buried in the cemetery in Pyatigorsk, in April 1842, the coffin with his body was moved and reburied in Tarkhany in the family cemetery.

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