Open lesson who is the best?

№4 school Lesson’s plan
Theme of the lesson:
“Who is the best?”
Worked out of: Jumakulova A. Date: 04.12.2015
Munaily – 2015
Lesson 13
Theme of the lesson: Check the timetable.
Aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce pupils with the sound “ight”
2. To improve reading, listening and speaking skills.
3. To speak about school’s subjects.
New words: Maths, Music, Art, PE, Kazakh, Russian
Aids of the lesson: notebook, cards with pictures.
Organization moment.Good afternoon pupils.
Good afternoon teacher.
Sit down please. How are you?
We are fine.
What is the date today?
What is the day today?
What was your homework for today?
Checking up home task.
New theme.Ex.1 P. 52 Listen and write.Ight – [ ait]
Night, light, right, bright
Knight, fight, midnight, flight
T.: Open your copybook and do ex.1,2 p. 39
Ex. 4 P. 53 Listen and repeat.Maths – математика
Music – музыка
Art – бейнелеу
PE – дене
Kazakh – қазақ тілі
Russian – орыс тілі
T.; Open your vocabulary and copy out these words.
What’s your favourite lesson?
My favourite lesson is PE.
What’s your favourite color?
My favourite color is red.
Ex. 6 P. 54 Write.
1 What’s your favourite lesson?
My favourite lesson is -----------.
2 What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is _________.
Home work: ex.4 p.40
Conclusion; pupils our lesson is over. Goodbye

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