Проверочная работа по английскому языку для 3 класса

Translate these words from Russian into English, please.
могу, умею 2) плавать 3) хорошо 4) пианино 5) друг 6) жить 7) сестра 8) школа 9) музыка 10) помогать.
II. Translate these sentences from Russian into English, please.
1) I can swim well. 2) He can play the piano but not very well. 3) They can’t speak English. 4) She can dance very well.5) We can’t drive a car.
III. Change these sentences using the structure “like/ love/ hate doing something”, please.
e.g. I love to play computer games → I like playing computer games.
1) I like to play tennis every morning.
2) She hates to wash the floor in the kitchen.
3) We love to help our teacher.
4) My brother likes to read detective stories.
5) They like to sing this famous song.
IV. Choose the correct form of the verb, please.
She (like/ likes) driving her new car.
They (speak/ speaks) Spanish very well.
He (hate/ hates) to learn Pushkin’s poems by heart.
I (want/ wants) to be a doctor.
We (know/ knows) this work by Chekhov very well.

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