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In one of the African nationalities called Swahili there is a legend about the first man who has come down to earth from heaven. Who has helped him to do it?a giraffe1
What is the second hand of history? a newspaper2
What is a sword and a shield of a woman by Byron? tears3
Sa re ha pa dha ma or sa It is in Hindi. What are these in Russian?notes4
What is the name of a musical instrument which was called as the English chess board in medieval Europe? piano5
About thirty years ago, the Englishman Ken Aston who was the President of the referee FIFA was driving home from his office, thinking about some issues of international communication. He stopped at a traffic light, and one thought came to his mind. What did he invent?Yellow and red cards for football referees6
What is the name of the competition where the broadcaster announces age and weight of every participant?bullfighting7
In 1926 and 1948 Germany was punished for the war as once Sparta was punished. What was the punishment?German sportsmen were forbidden to take part in the Olympic Games.8
This musical movement was popular in the 80s of the XXth century in Europe. It is a form of House Music. This form received the name after the object, which was put on a dance floor. What is the name of this kind of House Music?Handbag Music9
Everybody knows the famous yellow jacket of Vladimir Mayakovsky. What did Yuri Olesha call “the steel jacket of Mayakovsky"?Underground station Mayakovskaya10
At the kindergarten children learn the poems by heart with the help of the tables. Every picture matches to a line of the poem. Read this poem.Уж небо осенью дышало …11
Two critics were arguing about the genre of the famous picture "The Apotheosis of War" by Vereshchagin? What is the genre?1871still life12
Most people like to have plenty of "dashes", others are very happy to have “dots“. What is better to have two dots and one dash or vice versa (two dashes and one dot)?13
Oboe is an important musical instrument in the symphony orchestra, not only for a group of wind instruments, but for all musicians. Why is it so necessary to have it in the orchestra?It is for tuning instruments.14
George Orwell (an English writer of the XX century) explaining the theme of one of his essays, wrote: “It is very interesting, but not only because it is one of the bases of British civilization, but also because it is the subject of a lot of debates." There are 11 ways of it in the essay. What did he write about? tea brewing15
One writer told: “Who will win the pain and fear, he becomes God”. This writer’s thought is close to me, and why is this writer’s thought is close to you? Who is that writer?Gambler16
St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick that women according to the law of Ireland did not have the right to make an offer to men and asked to correct this injustice. Over time, her request was granted, and in Ireland there was a tradition that still exists today. When are Irish women allowed to make an offer to Irish men?February 2917
This is a picture of the French painter of the 17th century Lyuben Bozena “The still life with a chessboard." This picture has got two names, the one you know. What is the second name of this painting?“5 senses”18
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