А?ылшын тілі п?нінен саба? жоспары Theatres

9th grade
The Theme of the lesson: Theatres
The objective of the lesson\Сабақтың мақсаты:
1. Oқушылардың топпен жұмыс істеу қабілетін және олардың
проблемалық сұрақтар жайлы өз беттерінше материалдар іздестіруі, оны
жинақтау, жүйелеп әңгімелеуін дағдыландыру және Англияның атақты
актрисалары мен актерлары туралы мәлімет беру.
2.Cабаққа қызығуын, ынтасын. ізденушілігін, белсенділік қабілеттерін
сонымен қатар сөздік қорын дамыту.
3.Iзденімпаздыққа, еңбекқорлыққа, ұйымшылдыққа, өз елінің
мәдениетін мақтан етуге, өзге елдің мәдениетіне құрметпен қарауға
Күтілетін нәтиже: өз беттерінше материалдар іздестіру, материалдарды ағылшын тіліне аударып, нақты фактілермен айта алу,оқу практикасы мен жылдамдығын көрсету.
Көрнекілігі: суреттер, слайд, стикер,интерактивті тақта, ғaлaмтор мaтериaлы
Сабақ түрі: аралас
Әдісі: сұрақ-жауап,жұптық жұмыс,
Пәнаралық байланыс: қазақ тілі, музыка
The Procedure of the lessonІ. Organization moment.Greetings.Good morning dear students!
I am glad to see you again
Sit down, please
Who is on duty? And who is away?
ІІ. Warm up.
I am glad that all pupils are present , that’s OK! I think all of you are ready. It’s time to begin our lesson. I want to begin our lesson with proverbs: Art is long, life is short. And to devide into two groups: ‘’Writers’’ and ‘’Musicians’’.
III.At first I’ll check up your home task.(Who is quick)
Answer the questions:
1.Who is Marat Bisengaliev? (Marat Bisengaliev is a famous violinist).
2.When and where was he born? (He was born in 1962 in Almaty.)
3.Where did he studied? (He studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in Moscow).
4. Which countries did he give concerts to? (In New Zealand, the USA, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia and the UK).
5. When did he become Artistic Director of the Symphony of India? (He became Artistic Director of the Symphony of India in 2006).
IV.New themeBrainstorming
Look all of you at your books and computers you see the pictures of theatres.
New words:
resemble-ұқсасglobe-глобусdonate-сыйлауluxurious-сәнді, салтанатты
male-ер адамfencing-сайыс,қоршау
Ex.2 Read the text and give it a title.(The Globe theatre)
Ex.3 Read the text again and answer the questions in pairs then write on the blackboard:
a) Who was the first theatre established by?(James Burbage)
b ) What makes the Globe the most famous theatre? (William Shakespair’s plays)
c) How did people watch the performance? (Ordinary poor people were standing in front of the stage while the rich enjoyed the performance from the galleries).
d) Why were the costumes luxurious? (Most of the costumes were donated by rich patrons).
e) What did you learn about the actors of the past? (Like an Ancient Greece,there were no women on the stage in the past in England).
V. Practice
Follow up:
The plays and playwritersExercise 4. Your task was to find information about Mukhtar Auezov Kazakh Drama theatre. Keep in mind the topic below:
The history of the theatre

M. Auezov Kazakh
Drama theatre.The popularity of the theatre with young people

The most famous
actors and actresses
of the theatre

VI. Conclusion.
Ex.5 Match each part of a theatre on the right with a definition on the left.
a) where actors put on their costumes and make-up - dressing room
b) the area on which the performance takes place- stage
c) a line of seats - row
d) a way down from back to front between seats - aisle
e) an area of downstairs seats - stalls
f) an area of upstairs seats -circle
g) the theatre entrance hall where people meet people before going in- foyer h) the place where you go or phone to buy tickets - box office
i) the whole area out of sight of the audience - backstage
j) a little private balcony with 3-5 seats only -box
VII. Results
Pair discussion. Ex.7 Imagine you are going to live on an island for a year.
You can only take the following things with you. Discuss in pairs and decide which of them you would take and why.
a musical instrument - two CDs\ cassettes\records
a video film - a game
three photos - a picture or a poster
two books - one other thing
You’ve worked hard today. Tell me, what new facts have you learnt from the lesson? And what new facts you want to know at the next the lesson? You will write your opinion on stickers and hang it on the door.
VIII. Home task. Write a letter to a friend in an English - speaking country about your school drama club.
Топ аралық, өзін-өзі бағалау(giving marks each other between groups)
Reflection of the lesson: « 2 stars, an offer»
Good bye children!

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