План-конспект урока на тему Здоровая еда. Виды обработки продуктов

Дата ___/____/____ Класс ____
Урок ____
Тема: Питание (Food)
Под тема: Здоровая еда. Виды обработки продуктов
Цель урока: повторить и активизировать лексику по теме; ознакомить учащихся с новыми ЛЕ; повторить грамматический материал: исчисляемые и неисчисляемые существительные; совершенствовать технику чтения; воспитывать стремление правильно питаться.
Наглядность и оборудование: меловые записи, ноутбук, карточки.
Этапы Деятельность учителя и учащихся
I. Организационный
Постановка целей и задач
Фонетическая разминка
Речевая разминка -Good morning, pupils!
-Good morning, teacher!
-I’m glad to see you, sit down please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
Ok. What is the weather like today?
- The weather is sunny but windy. It’s warm outside.
- Thank you.
So, today we’ll start to speak about the Food. We’ll discuss healthy and unhealthy food and your likes and dislikes in your eating habits. Then we’ll remember countable and uncountable nouns.
- But first let’s learn the poem that you’ll learn by heart. (Дополнение №1) Repeat, please, after me.
We all enjoy delicious food, Makes us happy, fixes our mood. It's all about the juicy taste, Doesn't matter, where the food is placed.
We should consider, nutritional support, We shall need it, if we engage in a sport. A great dish, we should all savor, Eat slowly, as we taste the flavor. Choose our very favorite cuisine, Is it red? Or is it green?
- Very well! Let’s read it all together quickly. Are you ready?
Ok, now let’s work, ex. 1, p. 63. Task is to look at the picture and answer the questions. Is it clear? Let’s start one by one!
II. Основная часть
Активизация ЛЕ
Составление схемы
Упр. на дифференциацию
Работа в парах (составление диалога)
Подготовка к чтению
Введение новых ЛЕ
Беседа с учениками
Чтение текста.
Выполнение после текстовых упражнений.
Работа с ГС
Упр. на подстановку
Упр. на модификацию Now, let’s complete a Mind-Map. Write down it in your copybooks.
(Дополнение №2)
On the blackboard you can see words and word combinations. Repeated please, after me.
Write it in your vocabularies. You have 2 minutes.
Ex. 2, p.63. Task is to look at the picture to ex. 1, p. 63 and write two lists of products:
Healthy food Unhealthy food
Cheese, eggs, nuts, fruit, vegetables, milk Chocolate, cakes, jam, ice-cream
I give you cards with hints. Your task is to discuss your list from ex. 2 with your friend using the hints. (Дополнение №3)
On the blackboard you can see new words and word combinations. Repeated please, after me:
A balanced diet – сбалансированная диета;
A good source of nutrients – хороший источник питательных веществ;
A combination of – сочетание.
-Write it in your vocabularies.
Do you know anything about a diet? What is it? Is it necessary to keep to a diet? In what case people keep to a diet?
-Now we’ll read the text from the ex. 3, p. 64 and then you’ll explain what a balanced diet consists of. Let’s start reading!
Ok, now, read and complete the sentences. Ex. 4, p. 64.
Keys: 1.A balanced diet consists of all the things you need to be healthy and to have enough energy during the day.
2.You must eat well, but not so much of the same food.
3.A nutrient is a chemical or food that provides the things you need to live and to grow.
4.A lot of meals are a combination of two or more of the main food groups.
5.It’s better to eat only a little of snack foods.
6.Snack foods contain a lot of fat, sugar or salt.
-Are you tired? Let’s have a rest, stand up please!
Hands up, hands down, shake, shake,
Stand up on the tiptoes,
Turn around, step aside,
Step left, step right.
-Now we continue our lesson. Attention at Grammar Lab: Countable and Uncountable Nouns on the page 65.
Let’s complete the sentences with a lot of, much, many, or little/a little, ex. 6, p.65.
Keys: 1.many; 2.a lot of; 3.little; 4.much; 5.little; 6.a lot of; 7.little; 8.many; 9.a lot of; 10.a little; 11.many; 12.little.
Ex. 7 p. 66. Write questions to the sentences below. Start them with How much…? or How many…?
Keys:1.How many sandwiches did Brian take to school yesterday?
2.How many spoons of sugar does Steve put into one cup of tea?
3.How much cheese will Ann buy tomorrow?
4.How many cups of coffee does my mother drink every day?
Заключительный этап
Домашнее задание Do you like our lesson? Do we manage all of our aims?
Your home task will be to learn by hart new words and ex. 5, p. 64. Task is to look through the text of ex.3 and find countable and uncountable nouns. Make sentences with them. Ex.6, p.69. Task is to read the doctor’s recommendations, and compare your eating habits with them. Say what new things you have learnt.
Is there anything that you didn’t understand?
Thank you for the lesson, good bye.





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