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М. Атымов атындағы №6 о/мШет тілі пәнінің мұғалімі: Алиева Айсауле Theme: «My favorite holiday»Objectives:socio-cultural aspect – familiarity with the holiday, popular in Russia, UK, China, the ability to navigate the customs and traditions associated with the celebration of New year in different countries, the ability to present their own culture, and recognize similarities and differences between the traditions of her country and other countries; expansion of information about Christmas.developmental aspect – the development of the ability to conjecture, to develop a sense of language, visual and auditory memory, attention, imagination, creative abilities, development of abilities to work with text: extract and record information, draw conclusions;educational aspect – the formation of a positive attitude to the facts of the cultures of other countries, the education of an adequate attitude to the values of another culture, awareness of their culture through the context of English-speaking countries, the development of the ability to present their culture, upbringing readiness for collective creativity; MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY Holidays There are many holidays in our country. The are : New Year`s Day , Christmas , Women`s Day, Victory Day , May Day and others. My favorite holiday Holidays are always a joyous occasion. I love the variety of holidays such as birthdays of my friends and relatives and of course my birthday. I also like May holidays when we usually go out with friends or family, where we make barbecues, play games and just relax in the first warm days. Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays, when my friends and I throw a party for which we dress up in carnival costumes. But anyway, my most favorite holiday is New Year's Eve. I love this holiday for the extraordinary magic atmosphere that it brings to the city and in each house in it. This is the time when every town is transformed and it looks like a Christmas card. When each house is filled with the scent of pine, mandarins and delicious pastries. For everyone this period is time, when one can take at least a little gift and everyone will be happier in this holiday. New Year is a time of hope and dreams. We are all waiting when the clock strikes twelve times and we hope that our dreams will come true! In anticipation of the holiday people look more hopeful for the future waiting only the best next year. In addition to this, the favorite part of this holiday is meeting of whole family at a large table. Around our table there are always our close friends, parents and their children. I love feeling this holiday, it fills my family with warmth and happiness. I like New Year`s Day . It is my favourite holiday. The 1st of January is a winter holiday and now it is the first day of the New Year. Our family prepares for this holiday beforehand. My father brings home a beautiful New Year`s tree at the end of December. I like to decorate the New Year`s tree with toys, little coloured lights, sweets and a beautiful star on the top. My mother prepare our New Year`s supper and lay the table. All the members of our family clean the flat before this nice holiday and then each of us tries to dress well. We like to see the New Year in at home with our relatives. They come to see us at 11 o`clock in the evening. At 12 o`clock we are sitting at the table and we are glad to see the New Year in. We say, “Best wishes for the New Year!” I hope that next year will be better than the last one. New Year`s Day is always connected with our new hopes and dreams. It is pleasant to get presents on New Year`s Eve. I usually get many nice and useful things from my parents and relatives. We don`t go to bed till morning. We watch TV, dance , eat tasty things and tell jokes. My parents put their present under the New Year`s tree. . I enjoy this holiday very much .

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