План-конспект урока на тему Мое обучение в школе. Правила поведения

Дата ___/____/____ Класс ____
Урок ____
Тема: Школьная жизнь(School life)
Под тема: Мое обучение в школе. Правила поведения
Цель урока: совершенствовать навыки чтения, устной и письменной речи по теме; формировать навыки употребления ситуативной лексики в лексико-грамматических структурах Present Simple, Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives; учить учащихся логически высказываться во время выполнения проблемных задач; способствовать развитию элементов самостоятельного критического и аналитического мышления, умение отстаивать собственную позицию и объективно оценивать мнения окружающих; воспитывать уважение к культурным традициям родной страны и страны изучаемого языка.
Наглядность и оборудование: меловые записи, ноутбук, карточки.
Этапы Деятельность учителя и учащихся
I. Организационный
Постановка целей и задач
Фонетическая разминка
Речевая разминка -Good morning, pupils!
-Good morning, teacher!
-I’m glad to see you, sit down please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent?
Ok. What is the weather like today?
- The weather is sunny but windy. It’s warm outside.
- Thank you.
So today we’ll start to speak about the School life. We’ll also repeat the usage of tenses of verbs.
- But first let’s remember the poem that you had to learn by heart. Who would like to recite it?
My School Pledge
I pledge today to do my best
in reading math and all the rest.
I promise to obey the rules,
in my class and in our school.
I'll respect myself and others too,
I'll expect the best in all I do,
I am hear to learn all I can,
To try my best and be all I am.
- Very well! Let’s read it all together quickly. Are you ready?
Ok, now let’s work in pairs, ex. 1, p. 34. Task is to discuss the question. Is it clear? Let’s start then!
II. Основная часть
Знакомство с новой лексикой
Автоматизация ГС
Упр. на подстановку
Развитие коммуникативных навыков
Работа в парах
Фронтальная работа
Работа в группах
  On the blackboard you can see new words and word combinations. Repeated please, after me:
Classmates – одноклассники
The classroom – классная комната
The lesson – урок
To teach – учить
The subjects at school – школьные предметы
Geography – география
History – история
English – английский язык
To get good knowledge – получать хорошие знания
To read many books – читать много книг
Skills – навыки
To learn – учить
To be flexible – быть гибким
Pupils – ученики
Teacher – учитель
Highly qualified – высококвалифицированный
To be understanding and sympathetic – быть понимающим и отзывчивым
A school uniform – школьная форма
A homework – домашнее задание
To enrich – обогащать
To get on with – мириться, ладить
To cope with – справляться с
-Write it in your vocabularies. You have 2 minutes.
-Now we read and the letter from the ex. 2, p. 34 and then tick the statements True or False from ex. 3, p. 35. Let’s start reading!
Keys ex. 3, p. 35: T, T, T, F, T, T.
-Are you tired? Let’s have a rest, stand up please!
Hands up, hands down, shake, shake,
Stand up on the tiptoes,
Turn around, step aside,
Step left, step right.
-Now we continue our lesson. What tense of the verb we use to speak about the daily routines, repeated actions or habits and permanent states?
- It’s Present Simple (Indefinite).
1. Put the verbs in the Present Simple.
go, like, love,  watch,  read,  love, walk,  come,  do,  watch 
My name's Pavel. In the evening I usually (1) ________ my homework. Then I (2) _______  TV or video. I (3) ______  action films! They are super! Then I  (4) _______ my  dog.  After  that I  (5)  ______ home, (6) _____  a book and (7) ___________  to  bed. My sister is little. She doesn't  (8) ______ action films. She (9) ______ cartoons. She (10) _______  them  every  day.
- Yes, you are right. Look at ex.4, p. 35, please. Yours task is to fill in am, is/isn’t, are/aren’t, or do/don’t. Name the tenses of the verbs, then, explain their usage. Then listen and check your answer.
- Listen to these dialogues very attentively. Now let’s read them by roles. Who would like to read? Yes, please.
-I’ll give you card and the tack is to use the degrees comparisons of adjectives.
1. My bag is big but your bag is bigger than my.
2. History is an interesting lesson, but  English is more interesting than history.
3. I am good at English but you are the best in the class.
4. Pete is a bright pupil but Sem is the brightest in the class.
-Attention please on the Writing Lab: Linking Words and Phrases p. 36. Thank you for working!
- Now work in pairs. Ex.7 p.37, you have to discuss the things that you like/ don’t like about going to school. Take notes. Think of school rules, school traditions, clothes of wear, people and a school building. Information in writing lab will help you. You have five minutes.
Are you ready? Who would like to begin? Yes, please. Very good! Who is the next?
Заключительный этап
Домашнее задание
Today we spoke about school, school life, read Ann’s letter about school. Also, we remember Present Simple and Degrees of comparison of Adjectives. Do you like our lesson? Do we manage all of our aims?
Your home task will be to learn by hart new words and ex. 5, p. 36. Task is to read and complete the sentences with the word combinations from the list. Use the verb in the correct tense form.
And ex. 8, p. 37. You have to talk about you school rules and studies and say what things make your life exciting.
Is there anything that you didn’t understand? Thank you for the lesson, good bye.

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