Презентация по английскому языку на тему Значение английского языка (5 класс)

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English 222222

GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK Where does English come from?Here’s a recipe of English:Mix all the ingredients together.Cook slowly for 1, 000 years.50 g of Greek75 g of Latin400 g of Anglo-Saxon150 g of Norse300 g of French25 g of mixed languages

How many people speak English?English is the main language in 30 countries, & there are about 375 mln. people who speak it as their 1st language.It is used as an official language in 70 other countries (Cameroon, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Fiji)It is the second language for about 350 mln. people.There are about 1,000 million people who can’t speak English, but they are learning it.

Why do many people speak English?It’s the top language for travel and tourism;It is used in business and science;At the moment, 80% of the world’s Internet sites are in English. How many words are there in English?There are about 300, 000 entries in this dictionary. However, there are many scientific and technical words that are not in the dictionary (there are over a million types of insects).An educated English speaker uses about 30,000 words.
What’s the longest word in English?According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is the name for a lung disease caused the breathing in dangerous dust and it ispneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

What’s the common letter in English?The letter “e” is used more than any other. Ernest Wright was very interested in this fact, and wanted to see if it was possible to communicate without using this letter at all.He wasn’t able to write very much. In the end, he wrote a 200-page novel, Gadsby, without using any words containing the letter “e”. Sadly, it was not a great success, but here is a bit of it: A glorious full moon sails across a sky without a cloud. A crisp night air has folks turning up coat collars and Kids hopping up and down for warmth. 555555

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