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at the geneticist’sin the Reception at the optician's at the dietitian’s at the physician's at the surgeon’s at the ENT’sat the ear-doctor h _althhealth _ press _rea medic _nepul _ebl _od a pa _ient temperat _rea di _tto c _ugheyuisotueo

GREENOPTICIANA veinarteryheartlungsliverstomachmuscleskinmindLabel parts of the body:

Complete each sentence with a word from the box. Use each word once only.a/ After speaking for 2 hours, the lecturer had a sore ______________.b/ Terry was on his hands and ______, looking for the fallen coin.c/ Paul gave his aunt an affectionate kiss on the _______________.d/ There was such a terrible smell that I had to hold my ____________.e/ Stan is deaf, but he can understand people be reading their _______.f/ I never wear a watch because I don’t like the weight on my ________.g/ One of the bowers punched the other on the ________ and knocked him out.h/ When Diane was a baby, she used to suck her ______________.i/ I’ve lost a lot of weight, especially around the _____________.j/ Norma wears a heart on a gold chain around her _______________. throatkneescheek knees neck throat waist chin lips nose thumb wrist cheeknoselipswristchinthumbwaistneck

You are going to hear a radio interview with an elderly man. Choose the correct option, according to the information you hear in the recording.1. Mr Sinclair tells us that he a/ has already celebrated his 100th birthday; b/ is going to celebrate his 100th birthday soon; c/ cannot remember precisely when his birthday is.2. Mr Sinclair has been married a/ once; b/ twice; c/ three times3. How many grandchildren does Mr Sinclair have? a/ six; b/ ten; c/ twelve.4. When he was young, Mr Sinclair a/ worked in the open air; b/ ate a healthy diet; c/ took regular exercise. 5. Most of Mr Sinclair’s brothers and sisters a/ resembled their mother; b/ lived for a long time; c/ had health problems.6. Mr Sinclair believes it is important a/ to avoid problems; b/ to work hard; c/ to be optimistic.7. Mr Sinclair gave up smoking a/ at the same time as his wife; b/ to please his wife; c/ when his wife left him. 17

Use the words given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line:Jim decided to visit the doctor after his trip to the jungle. He was normally a tall 1/ _________person , but over MUSCLE the past month he had lost a lot of 2/ _________. He had WEIGHalso noticed that his ankles and knees had become rather3/ __________ . He thought that he might have eaten or PAINdrunk something 4/ __________ or caught some kind of POISON5/ __________ disease. The doctor took some blood for INFECTtests and told Jim to go back a week later. This time the doctor had an optimistic 6/ __________ on her face, and EXPRESSJim felt quite 7/ __________ . “Don’t worry,” said the doctor, HEART“it’s nothing serious. You haven’t caught an 8/ ________ CUREdisease, or anything terrible like that. It’s a simple virus, and you will need some 9/ __________ . Take these tablets twice TREAT a day for two weeks, and you’ll make a full 10/ _________. RECOVERmuscularweightpainfulpoisonousinfectiousexpressionheartenedincurabletreatmentrecovery

Read the following leaflet giving advice on leading a life. Some phrases have been left out of the text. Choose from phrases A-I below to complete the gaps. There is one phrase you’re not going to need. DoReduce calories and cut down on sweets, cakes and chocolate. If you are overweight , try to lose weight. Being overweight increases your 1/ ___ of developing circulation problems. Follow a sensible diet – eat as much low-fat food as possible: chicken, fish and yogurt are good for you. Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day to ensure your 2/ ___ of Vitamin C and health-giving minerals.Give up smoking – every cigarette shortens your life.Lead an active lifestyle. Keep fit and stay in shape:3/ ___ out in the gym or take up jogging? Choose an activity that you 4/___. Exercise should be a pleasure, not a duty. Aim to exercise for about 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. If you work sitting down, 5/ ___ up as often as you can and walking around for a while.How to live to be 100 Don’tDon’t go to bed late: if you don’t get enough sleep, you will lack energy and you will age faster. Sleep replenishes the energies spent during the day and aids the natural healing process of the body.Don’t get stressed: 6/ ___ and avoid stress at home. School or work. Learn to relax, and when you feel that your stress level is rising, take a break. Don’t eat between meals: it’s the fastest way to put on weight. If you 7/ ___ snacks, try at least to eat healthy snacks, like fruit or yogurt.Don’t be a fitness fanatic! You need to stay in shape but remember to 8/ ___. A why not work E can’t give upB it’s worth practising F try gettingC keep calm G maintain a balanced lifestyle D chances H enjoy doing I intakeDIAHFCEG

Read the text and decide which answer best fits each space:Science magazine 1) newly/ lately/ recently/ freshly published a report by researches at Minnesota University. The researchers studied identical twins who had been separated at 2) first/ beginning/ start/ birth and had been taken 3) care/ responsibility/ concern/ worry of by different families. The results shoed that the twins were often very similar, not only in 4) look/ sight/ appearance/ form but also in intelligence and personality. More 5) disgraceful/ shocking/ insulting/ surprising, however, were the other coincidences which were almost 6) impossible/ incredible/ unlikely/ dissimilar to explain. For example, one set of female twins met again for the first time when they were 39. They both 7) carried/ wore/ put/ dressed the same dress, had 7 rings on their fingers, and the same bracelets. There were also some male twins who 8) held/ came/ took/ played part in the study. They too 9) did/ were/ had/ made a great deal in common. Both of them worked in the police force, and 10) passed/ spent/ stayed/ went their holidays in Florida. They drove the same kind of car and had a dog called Toy. 11) All/ Each/ Two/ Every of them had married and divorced women called Linda, and their second wives were called Betty. The researchers intend to 12) bring/ follow/ do/ carry out more studies in the future. This is because these coincidences are so remarkable and have occurred so often with twins that they have almost 13) dropped/ fallen/ missed/ lost count. The coincidences are so extraordinary that it is 14) illiterate/ illegal/ illegible/ illogical to simply say that they happen because of 15/ opportunity/ chance/ possibility/ occasion. It seems that there must be a more 16/ correct/ logical/ intelligent/ proper explanations, but so far nobody has found out what it is.

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