Сценарий к мюзиклу-сказке Золушка

Once upon a time in a Faraway Land, there was a tiny kingdom peaceful, prosperous and rich in Romance and Tradition. Here is a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman with his daughter Cinderella. He was a kind and devoted father. He gave his beloved child luxury and comfort. She needed mother’s care, so he married again. His wife was a woman of a good family with 2 daughters just Cinderella’s age by names Anastasia and Brizella.
Time passed and Cinderella’s father died and her stepmother became cool, cruel and jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and charming. Thus she was abused and finally was forced to become a servant in her own house. But she remained gentle and kind. She hoped that one day the dream of happiness would come true.

Town criers:
People of magic Kingdom!
All people of magic Kingdom!
His Majesty and His son Prince
His Kingship and His son Prince invite all beautiful ladies to the ball where His Majesty Prince will choose a bride.
Don’t miss the ball! Don’t miss this ball!
It will take place on 25 December at 5 p.m.
Cinderella: подметает пол и напевает песню (“Some day my prince will come”)
Cinderella, Cinderella, have you heard the last news? His Kingship wants to marry his son and his Majesty invites all beautiful ladies to the ball!
Cinderella, do you want to go to the ball?
Cinderella: of course, my dear sisters. I’ll go too.
Anastasia: hahaha, she wants to go to the ball! Did you hear what she said?

Brizella: hahaha. But the Prince will die at once when he sees you.
Anastasia: You are too ugly, too ugly!
Brizella: His Majesty wants to see beautiful ladies, B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Look, your face is always dirty!
Anastasia: Look at your dress. It is dirty too. Hahaha
Brizella: You will frighten the whole kingdom! Hahahaha
Stepmother: Anastasia, Grizella, babies! Where are you?
Sisters: We are here, mummy.
Anastasia: Mummy, Cinderella wants to go to the ball with us.
Cinderella: Yes. I’ll go. Well, why not? I’m still the member of the family.
Stepmother: I think that she can go, if all work is done.
Cinderella: Oh, I really. I promise…
Stepmother: If you can find something suitable to wear.
Cinderella: I’m sure, I can. Oh, thank you, stepmother. ( радостная убегает)
Anastasia: Mother, did you realize what you have just said?
Stepmother: Of course. … I said if …
Brizella: If, hahahaha
(Золушка в своей комнате. Достает платье мамы.)
Cinderella: Isn’t it lovely? It was my mother’s. Well, it is a little bit old-fashioned. Oh, I have a book of great ideas. (открывает книгу)
Aha, these short sleeves and a sash…
And everything must be of the same colour and then …
(видит себя в зеркале)
Oh, I’m really dirty! (подолом начинает убирать грязь с лица)
If I clean… I’m not so ugly, I’m not ugly. I can even say that I am beautiful. (Песня “I’m beautiful” – танец с зеркалами)

Anastasia: Cinderella!
Cinderella: Oh, no, what do they want?
Brizella: Cinderella!
Cinderella: Oh, well, my dress will have to wait.
Anastasia: Cinderella! Cinderella!
Cinderella: all right, I’m coming!
Anastasia: Look, how beautiful my dress is. It is … and these are white shoes … and a blue hat!
Brizella: I like blue, so my evening dress is blue. And blue shoes and a white hat! I will be the most beautiful!
Anastasia: No, not you! It is me! I will be the most beautiful! Look at your nose, it is so long!
Brizella: hahaha, Yes, I have a nose of my mother. And it doesn’t spoil anything. Look at yourself! Your hands are too long!
(Начинают драться)
Stepmother: Babies, what is going on here? Look at me! I am the most charming in this Kingdom!
Anastasia: Yes, mummy.
Brizella: You are quite right, my dear mum.
Stepmother: You shouldn’t quarrel. You are the most beautiful in this tiny Kingdom! But where is Cinderella? Where is she? Cinderella! Cinderella!
Cinderella: I’m here.
Stepmother: As I see you are not working, it means that there is no work to do.
Cinderella: No, I was busy with washing the clothes, cooking dinner, sewing and I was busy with the dress for the ball.
Stepmother: What! Were you making the dress the whole day? It is terrible!
Sisters: It is awful! But where is your dress? Can you show us?
Cinderella: Yes, of course. Wait a minute!
(Убегает за платьем, возвращается через несколько минут)
Anastasia: Oh, it is ugly as you. (дергает за платье)
Cinderella: No, it is beautiful, but a little bit old.
Brizella: No, it is really awful. (рвет платье)
Cinderella: it is my mother’s dress and it will bring me happiness!
Stepmother: You will bring us shame! (тоже рвет платье)
Cinderella: Don’t touch me, please! Please….!
Stepmother: Babies, it’s time to sleep! Come on! Good night, Cinderella!
Cinderella: Goodnight.
Well, it is a royal ball. I suppose it will be boring, and … completely wonderful. In any case now I have nothing, nothing more. No dress, no dreams … и убегает.

Мачеха и сестры бегают по сцене, в руках у них платья.
Anastasia: Where are my shoes, Cinderella? Cinderella!
Cinderella: They are here, Anastasia.
Stepmother: Help me to dress up, Cinderella! (Золушка помогает одеваться)
Brizella: Comb my hair, Cinderella! (причесывает)
Бьёт 8 часов
Brizella: (смотрит в окно) Yes, the carriage is here. You are not ready, Cinderella.
Cinderella: I’m not going.
Stepmother: Not going??? Of course it may be the other time. While we are out, clean the rooms, wash the windows, fix plumbing, whitewash the ceiling in the kitchen, grind coffee for 7 weeks …what else, what else?! The main is perceive yourself!!!
Cinderella: It will take me a month, and it is late enough.
Stepmother: for people like you, who are too lazy, it is necessary to work. Why are you doing nothing? Hurry up, Cinderella! My lovely daughters, come on!
Мачеха и сестры уходят, затем мачеха возвращается с двумя мисками в руках. В одной миске семечки, в другой крупа. Она высыпает все это на пол.
Stepmother: Put seeds here, and cereals here. (и затем уходит)
Золушка начинает разбирать крупу и семечки. Она плачет. Появляются эльфы. Танец
Cinderella: I’ll sweep the floor, then I’ll wash the windows…
Godmother: Why are crying? Why are you in tears?
Cinderella: It’s a miracle.
Godmother: What? I’m your fairy-godmother. You are crying because you wish you could go to the ball; is it not so?
Cinderella: y-yes. (всхлипывает)
Godmother: Every day I watch how you work. You are always at work. Don’t cry any more. Well, be a good girl, and I will see that you shall go to the ball. Run into the garden, and bring me a pumpkin.
Cinderella: (приносит тыкву и кладет её)
Godmother: (превращает мышей в лошадей) Now we need a coachman.
Cinderella: I will go and see, if there is a rat in the rat-trap–we may make a coachman of him.
Godmother: You’re a smart one, go and look. Now go again into the garden, and you will find six lizards behind the watering-pot, bring them to me. Well, Are you happy now? It will take you to the ball; are you not pleased with it?
Cinderella: Oh! yes, but must I go there as I am, in these nasty rags?
Godmother: Can go there like this? Of course not. (измеряет Золушку волшебной палочкой и приговаривает) What is your size? Oh, it’s too simple. What a gown will be! (дотрагивается до одежды Золушки и оно превращается в красивое вечернее платье)
Cinderella: (разглядывает себя) It’s a beautiful dress for the ball. Did you see such a beautiful dress? How it is wonderful! Oh, it’s mine, It is such a surprise! Look, slippers. They are wonderful. Oh, thank you so much! Isn’t it lovely! Well, It’s like a dream!
Godmother: This wonderful dream is only till midnight. You must understand this, my dear. You must leave the ball before midnight because after everything will be as it was before at the same time. But if you stay a moment longer, the coach would be a pumpkin again, the horses mice, the coachman a rat, the footmen lizards, and the clothes become just as they were before.
Cinderella: Oh, I understood. It’s more than I've dreamt before. Thank you, my fairy godmother!
Godmother: Have a good time!
Золушка уезжает на бал.

6/ фанфары во дворце,
Начинают объявлять гостей:
Mademoiselle Ariel, the daughter of Neptune
Mademoiselle Alice Fox from Pinocchio
Mademoiselle Snow White
Mademoiselle Alice from Wonderland
Mademoiselle Brizella and Mademoiselle Anastasia, daughters of Lady Black

King: it’s time to dance. Please, music. (начинает играть Вальс П.И. Чайковского, кавалеры приглашают дам и только начинают кружиться)
Prince: Stop, stop. Music, please. (Justin Beiber “It’s my life” – все начинают танцевать)
King: No. Stop, please. Waltz, please. (продолжают играть вальс и все танцуют)
Prince: No, father. It is my last day when I’m free, so I want to enjoy it. Music, please. (продолжают танцевать под Beiber)
King: It’s not a ball, it is a disco. It’s enough. I want to see the first bride.
Выходит Русалочка. (B.Spears “I’m not a girl not yet a woman” в конце песни она показывает свой хвост)
Ariel: I’m not a bride for Prince because Eric loves me and I love him.
King: I can’t understand it. Such a wonderful bride isn’t a bride of my son.
Alice Fox: (выход под музыку из к/ф «Приключения Буратино», поёт песню “Uno momento”)
Alice from Wonderland (Miley Cyrus)
Brizella: My prince, this poem is for you. (читает стихотворение, запинается – принц зевает и морщится, сестра хихикает)
King: How silly she is. (качает головой)
Snow white & 7 dwarfs (песня из м/фильма)
Snow white’s groom: I hear the voice of Snow White. Snow White! I’m here.
Snow white: I’m so sorry, my dear Prince. (кланяется и уходит)
King: Why don’t we live in another fairy tale?
Anastasia: I can’t sing recite poems, I can dance. (начинают танцевать и она наступает ему на ногу, принц недоволен и оставляет её, вторая сестра хихикает)
Prince: I’m too tired.
King: Return and start dancing.
Prince: I won’t dance at all. It’s better to cut trees in the wood.
King: now? Return to the circle immediately.

7/ Золушка появляется в зале дворца, идет по залу, все смотрят на неё. Она закрывает лицо. Ей навстречу идёт принц, он хотел покинуть зал.)
Cinderella: Good evening, Your Majesty!
Prince: M-M
Cinderella: Thank you for your warm meeting.
Prince: But I … I can understand nothing.
Cinderella: I thought you are meeting me.
Prince: No. Quite the contrary, I was going to leave the ball.
Cinderella: I’m sorry. I don’t want to stop you.
Prince: But I have changed my mind. (приглашает её танцевать, все гости смотрят на них)
Cinderella: may be it’s better to dance to music?
Prince: Where is the music? Music!
(принц очарованно смотрит на Золушку)
Prince: Who are you?
Cinderella: Will you dance or confess me?
Guests: it’s interesting. Who is this? Soon we will know.
King: My son has changed his mind to cut trees in the wood. As I see she is dancing very well. But who is she? I see I don’t know my son.
Anastasia: Who is she?
Stepmother: I don’t know.
Brizella: Why doesn’t she open her face?
Anastasia: She hides her long nose.

Prince: Who are you? Open you face, please. Make a hint who you are.
Cinderella: what is it for?
Prince: because I have chosen the bride but I don’t know who she is.
Cinderella: Hush, hush, dear prince! Everybody is listening to us.
Prince: Let them listen, I’m ready to say to the whole world that thoughts are in whirl, I am in love and soon there will be a wedding.
Cinderella: But you forgot something.
Prince: What do you mean?
Cinderella: if a bride wants to marry you.
Prince: Do you refuse me?
Cinderella: It would be funny!
Prince: Answer me just now! Will you marry me?
Cinderella: But first, Your Majesty, try to guess my riddles.
В этот момент начинают бить часы. Она слышит звон часов.
Cinderella: Who is this? The face is stained with soot but it is not a chimney sweep.
Prince: Gm
Cinderella: secondly, her dress is with a train and embroidered in silver, but she is not a princess.
Prince: Gm
Cinderella: So sorry, try to guess. Goodbye!
Золушка убегает, принц стоит в недоумении, потом подходит к отцу
King: why did she leave you? It seems to me you are in love, my dear boy! how lovely she was! Ha! how lovely she was!
Prince: I will find her!!! И бежит за Золушкой. Находит туфельку, с ней и возвращается к отцу.


Anastasia: Cinderella! Cinderella! Where is my tea?
Brizella: Cinderella! Where is my sandwich with ham?
Stepmother: Cinderella! Where are my buns with jam?
Anastasia: Cinderella! Why didn’t you ask us about the ball?
Brazilla: Isn’t it interesting for you?
Cinderella: Do you like the ball?
Anastasia: Imagine, I danced with the Prince one time, but he looked at me 27 times.
Brazilla: He looked at me 28 times. And King smiled me when I was reciting the poem.
Anastasia: But then a girl came to the ball and he is madly in love with her.
Cinderella: Who? King?
Anastasia: No, Prince.
Cinderella: Prince? Роняет поднос. Одновременно Золушка слышит голос принца, который поёт (“You are always on my mind”) и убегает.
Criers: People of the tiny Kingdom!
All ladies of the Kingdom must try on the slipper. If a crystal slipper fits this one will be the bride of the Prince!
Стук в дверь. Входят глашатаи и принц.
Criers: Are there any ladies in the house? It has been ordered to try on a crystal slipper to every lady.
Stepmother: Yes, I have two daughters: Anastasia and Brizela. Girls, come on.
Stepmother to Anastasia: My dear daughter, try on this slipper.
Anastasia: it is small.
Stepmother to Brezella: My dear daughter, try on this crystal slipper.
Brezella: It is too small. Do you have a bigger size?
Criers: No, we have only one.
Stepmother: Cinderella! Could you help me? Try to put this slipper on Brazilla’s foot.
Cinderella: But it is too small.
Stepmother: Cinderella! Don’t make me feel nervous!
Cinderella: I’ll try.
Stepmother: Try.
Prince подходит к Золушке: Could you try on this slipper?
Cinderella: Did you bring me my slipper?
Золушка берет туфельку и надевает её легко на ногу, тут же на ней появляется наряд и вторая туфелька.
Cinderella: Can you give answers who is this? The face is stained with soot but it is not a chimney sweep.
Her dress is with a train and embroidered in silver, but she is not a princess.
Prince: Oh, it is you, Cinderella, you are my bride if you don’t refuse me!
Cinderella: Yes, it is me.

Criers: hurray, soon we will celebrate the wedding of Prince and Cinderella!
King: I’m so happy, at last my son will marry soon.
Вальс – танцуют Золушка и Принц, эльфы выбегают с фонариками и встают в форме сердечка.

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