Презентация Reported speech. exercises. 8 класс

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

reported speech. exercises “I work here as a waiter,” John said.Jack said that he worked there as a waiter.John says: “I live in New York.”John says (that) he live in New York.Boris said, "Ann, I want to have a rest.“Boris told Ann that he wanted to have a rest.“I always drink coffee”, she said. She said that she always drank coffee. “I am reading a book”, he explained. He explained that he was reading a book.

He said, “We had finished our work by five o’clock.” He said that they had finished their work by five o’clock. She said, “You could help my sister.”She said that I could help her sister. He said, “I shall do it tomorrow.” He said that he would do it the next day.They say: «Annie, we read a lot of books».They tell Annie that they read a lot of books.

Mark says: «I don’t like computer games».Mark says that he doesn’t like computer games.Melissa says: “I am a good cook”. Melissa says that she is a good cook. I left my umbrella here two days ago.' Susan told them.Susan told them that she had left her umbrella there two days earlier/before.'I think it's going to rain tonight. William said.William said that he thought it was going to rain that night.

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