Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему Two capital cities (3 класс)

Plan of the lesson
Date: 21.01.16
Grade: 3 “A”
Lesson: 19
The theme of the lesson: “Two capital cities”
The aim of the lesson:    
a) Оқушыларға“Two capital cities” тақырыбын түсіндіріп,Астана және Лондон жайлы мәлімет беру,тақырыпқа қатысты жаңа сөздері үйрету, өткен білімдерін еске түсіру;
b) Оқушылардың тыңдау, сөйлеу, жазу, оқу қабілеттері мен дағдыларын жан жақты дамыту;
c) Оқушыларды туған жерді сүюге, отансүйгіштікке, білімсүйгіштікке, ұқыптылыққа, жинақылыққа, жүйелілікке тәрбиелеу.
The type of the lesson: combined
Methods: Class work, group work, question-answer
The visual aids: cards, textbook, workbook, pictures and video project, presentation.
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment
2. Phonetic drill
3. Checking up the home task
4. Presentation
5. Practice
6. Production
7. The end of the lesson .Conclusion
8. Homework
I. Organization moment.
1.- Good afternoon children!
- Good afternoon teacher!
- Good afternoon, good afternoon
- Good afternoon to you
Good afternoon, good afternoon
I’m glad to see you
2. How are you today, children?
We are fine, thank you!
II. Phonetic drill.
- Children, look at the board. There is the “ABC” song. Let’s sing all together.
W X Y and Z
Now I know my ABC’s
Next time won’t you sing with me
III. Checking up the home task.
- Children, what was your homework for today?
- Workbook, exercise-5, p.39
Now let’s check your home tasks
Change your Workbooks and check each other’s home tasks
Look at the blackboard, here is the right answers
Let’s remember the previous lessons
-What’s your name?
-My name is Miras-How are you?
-I’m fine, thank you!
-How old are you?
-I’m 9
-Where are you from?
-I’m from Kazakhstan.
IV. Presentation.
Let’s write the date. What is the date today? What day of the week?
Let’s review the numbers. (Slide)
-Now, children open your copy-books and write down today’s date and the theme of our lesson. Today’s theme is “Two capital cities”
Today we will talk about two capital cities - Astana and London. Astana is the capital of our Kazakhstan. London is the capital of Great Britain.
New words:
A clock – сағат
A tower – мұнара
A capital – астана
To visit – бару
To take picture – сүретке түсіру
High – биік
Work with pictures
This is Baiterek. It is in Astana.
This is Big Ben. It is in London.
V. Practice.
Textbook. Exercise1. Listen and read.
Listening the text. Track 32
Then pupils read the text one by one.
Exercise 2. Ask and answers
Is Astana a big city?
Yes, it is.
Is there an aquarium in Astana?
Yes, there is.
Are there any museums in Astana?
Yes, there are.
Is there a Big Ben in Astana?
No, there isn’t.
Are there any towers in Astana?
Yes, there are.
Is there a river in London?
Yes, there is.
Is there the Khan Shatyr in London?
No, there isn’t.
Is the Ishym river in London?
No, it is not
Is Baiterek in London?
No, it is not.
Two questions for each group
Relax time: “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!”
 VI. Production
Workbook. Exercise 1. Circle the correct answer
London is the capital of________
Kazakhstan b) Great Britain
The Bayterek is in___________
Astana b) London
Big Ben is a very big _________
palace b) clock
The Thames river is in_________
Astana b) London
London is a very ________ city
small b) big
The Khan Shatyr is in________.
Astana b) London
Exercise 2. Complete these sentences with the words from the box
capital clock Palace tower pictures
Buckingham Palace is in London.
London is the _________ of Great Britain.
Many people visit Big Ben and take _________ of it.
Big Ben is a high_________ with a very big_________.
 Exercise 4. Listen, guess the city and tick the right picture.
Listening. Track 33.
VII. The end of the lesson.
T: So, very good children. You showed the best knowledge in English. What have we talked about today? Yes, we have talked about London and Astana. Well, I want to ask some questions.
- What is this?
- Where is it situated?
Put marks: Now we will count our smileys and getting marks.
5 smileys – 5
4 smileys – 4
3 smileys – 3
VIII. Homework
And now open your mark books and write down your home task.
Your homework is exercise 3. p.41,Workbook
Our lesson is over. Good-bye, children
Good bye, teacher.

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