Сценарий районного конкурса — перевод и исполнение русских и башкирских патриотических песен на английском языке по теме My Motherland.

районного конкурса английской песни, драмы и танца
«Русские и башкирские патриотические песни на английском языке»
(19 апреля 2014 года)
Авторы: Сибагатова Л.Р., Дильмухаметова Л.Р.,
учителя английского языка высшей категории
Ведущие: (учащиеся 9-х классов):1 пара – Анвар Гайнанов, Юлия Хайретдинова;
2 пара – Марк Хажиев, Вилия Афризунова;
3 пара – Михаил Скрябин, Лилия АсмандияроваОткрытие
Звучат фанфары открытия праздника.
Песня «Я, ты, он, она – вместе целая страна…» – хор
Me, you, he and she –
Altogether – we are free.
Altogether – family.
In the word – one hundred “me”.
Naughty boys and naughty girls,
Blacky, reddy and for all’s
Saddy and so jolly
In countries and in cities.
1. Over you the sun is shining,
Our Motherland!
You’re the best of all the countries,
Our Motherland!
I love so your lands, your spacious valleys.
I love so your fields and mount waters
Sleepy rivers, dreamy lakes and rafting boiling seas.
Refrain: (без музыки):
Me, you, he and she –
Altogether – we are free.
Altogether – family.
In the word – one hundred “me”.
(Спускаются под музыку – фонограмма продолжает играть).
AnvarHello, everybody!
YouliaHi. Today we’ll speak about our love to Motherland, native place …
Anvar … about love to our family, relatives, parents and friends.
YouliaIt’s very actual theme nowadays. And that’s why you have prepared for the district competition of Russian songs in the English language, dedicated to our Motherland.
AnvarAt the beginning you were listening to a song “Me, you, he and she” sung by Sofia Rotaru, Nicolay Baskov and by other singers, which was represented by the students from the Lyceum number 1.
YouliaAs for our events, the main and the only requirement of it is to translate and to sing the given Russian song about love to our Motherland in the English language.
AnvarLet’s introduce the members of our jury. Meet them, please, with your applause!
YulijaLilija Robertovna Dilmuchametova, an English Teacher of the Lyceum №1
AnvarZilya Khalitovna Gilmanova, an English teather of Bolshaya Oka.
YulijaElvira Gabdullovna Ziganshina, an English teacher of Novomuslyumovo.
AnvarZifa Bulatovna Mufazalova, an English teacher of Bashkir Grammar School.
YulijaFarida Salimjyanovna Gainanova, a music teacher of the District Music School ... and …
Lilija Rizaevna Sibagatova, an English teacher of the Lyceum №1.
AnvarAnd we invite on our stage the first competitors from Nyzhni Bobino with the song “On the Border”, firstly represented by Leonid Agutin. Welcome on the stage.
Mark Thank you for your wonderful performance. Of course, the keeping the Russian borders in safety is very important for our Motherland, will you?
VilijaYes, you’re right. But also the capital of each country plays an essential role in its life.
Mark What do you mean?
VilijaI mean our capital – Moscow. It’s the most beautiful and picturesque city in the world, to my mind.
Mark Yes, let’s listen to the competitors from Lemeztamak with the song “Moscow – the bells are ringing”, sung by Oleg Gazmanov.
LilijaMichal, what is Motherland for you?
Misha Er. I think it’s, first of all, my native village, family and so on.
LilijaSo do I. Let’s see what the students from Kyzilbaevo think of this question. We are waiting for you, dears.
Misha And what about our region?
LilijaDo you mean the Republic of Bashkortostan?
Misha Yes, of course.
LilijaThe same, it’s our Motherland. And we welcome to the stage the students from Duvan-Mechetlino with the song “Tugan Yak”, which means “Native place” represented by famous Bashkir singer Hania Farhi.
AnvarYulya,what is your favourite city or may be town?
YulijaYou know, there are a lot of outstanding and well-known cities and town in our country. But, as for me, I like my village most of all.
AnvarReally? Why?
YulijaBecause, it’s my birthplace, first of all. But everybody has his own beloved city. Let’s listen to the competitors from Melekasovo who will sing about their favourite city. Greet them.
Yulija Anvar, do you remember the holidays of our country?
YulijaOk. What was the latest holiday in Russia?
AnvarMaybe we’ll ask the audience?
YulijaOK. What was the latest holiday in Russia? What else? (to the audience)
AnvarYou have to know, my dears, that on the 12th of April in 1961 Yuri Gagarin, the first Soviet pilot flew into the space on the spaceship called Vostok. So since that time we have been celebrating the Cosmonautics day.
YulijaCan you imagine, Yuri Gagarin saw our land from the space? He was so lucky that he could see the whole beauty of our planet!
Anvar Let’s listen to the song “Grass at home” represented by the vocal-instrumental band “Zemlyane”. Invite the students from Abdullino. Welcome.
Mark Vilija, how do you feel when you are far away from your home?
VilijaI’m sad, first of all. And I miss so much my mummy, my daddy, little sister and brother… And what?
Mark I’d like to suggest you to listen to a beautiful song called “Parents’ House”. It was sung by famous Russian singer Leo Leshchenko. The students from Yaushevo, we are waiting for you!
Mark Well done! Thank you…
VilijaAnd we invite on our stage the pupils from Suleimanovo. They want to say us how they love and miss their moms when they are far away from their home.
Слышатся трели соловья или малиновки.
Vilija How nice they are singing! What is it? Do you know?
Mark Maybe, nightingale or malinovka?
VilijaI can’t imagine our country without these birds’ singing!
Mark We have so many songs dedicated to them. Let’s listen to them.
VilijaThe competitors from Telyashevo with the song “Malinovka”. Welcome.
Mark Let us continue our theme, singing birds of Russia. And we invite on our stage the students from Yunusovo with their song “Solovyinaya Roscha”. Firstly this song was presented by whom?
VilijaYes, by Leo Leshchenko.
Misha Lily, by the way, do you know the national plant symbol of our country?
LilijaSurely, it’s a birch.
Misha Right. And do you know why they are rustling?
LilijaNO, but the answer is known by the group of students from Alegazovo. Let’s listen to them!
Вышли девушки с косичками.
Misha Wau. How pretty and childish with these pigtails thee look like!
LilijaReally? Do they suit them?
Misha Brilliant! And I want to suggest you a song “Long Russia’s tresses”. Bolshaya Oka, welcome to our stage.
Выходят в платье в горошек, парень – с закрученными рукавами (выше локтя).
Misha Look at them, please. And say where they are from.
LilijaYes, you are right. They are from the USSR!
Misha The students from Abdrahimovo, support us, please, with your song “Was Born in the USSR”!
Yulija Darlings, we can’t speak about our Motherland without such feelings as friendship and kindness, can we?
Anvar And on our stage the pupils from Sabanakovo with the song “Our friendship is so strong!”.Anvar Are you busy tonight?
Yulija I’d like to have a rest a bit. But what?
Anvar Hm. I’d like you to go to the cinema with me. I’m a bit sad.
Yulija Why?
Anvar I have a lot of problems. I don’t want to speak about them!
Yulija OK. Let’s go to the cinema.
Anvar But you’d like to have a rest.
Yulija Oh, no. True friends have no days off, you know!
Anvar Thanks a lot. I’d like to present you a song about friends. Students from Kurgatovo, we are waiting for you!
Yulija Thank you for this song so much. I liked it. How kind of you!
Anvar This is not all. I present you a song about “Kindness”. Competitors from Taishevo, you, please.
Mark Vilija, do you know how many attempts to conquer our Motherland have been?
Vilija And thanks to our brave soldiers and officers we live on our land in peace and quiet.
Mark We invite on our stage the singers from Azikeevo with the song “Officers”.
Vilija … my granddad was not only a soldier and officer, he was an intelligent agent. And as the main character of the film “Seventeen moments of spring”, he was homesick.
Mark Let’s listen to the song from this film. Novomuslyumovo, welcome.
Vilija Wherever we are, we always miss and love our Motherland
Mark We love its valleys and mountains
Vilija We love its rivers, seas and oceans
Mark We are proud of our Motherland!
Vilija Novomeshcherovo, we are waiting for you on our stage with your song.
Mark Our competition is coming to the end. And the last competitors are the students from Bashkir grammar school with their wishes of happiness and kindness. Welcome.
Звучат фанфары закрытия праздника.
Песня «Я, ты, он, она – вместе целая страна…» – хор.
Флешмоб современный (5-е классы).
Флешмоб современный (9-е классы).
AnvarJoin us! Be with us! Dance with us!
Refrain: (без музыки):
Me, you, he and she –
Altogether – we are free.
Altogether – family.
In the word – one hundred “me”.
Mark Be happy, Be healthy, Be wealthy and rich.
Yulija Be patient and kind to each other.
Misha Love your Motherland, native place
VilijaLove your family and parents
LilijaLove your siblings and friends!
Anvar Remember your Motherland wherever you are!

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