Сценарий театрализованного представления Goldilocks and The Three Bears для учащихся 4 классов (по УМК Быкова, Дули, Эванс и др.Spotlight).

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
(Form 4)
УМК Быкова, Дули, Эванс и др. «Spotlight» 4 класс.
Goldie, Goldie, Goldilocks
Is as pretty as can be.
Her mother tells her every day:
“Now, listen to me!”
Narrator Goldilocks, a little girl,
Has big blue eyes
And golden curls.
Her mother tells her …
Mother Now, be good!
Don’t go walking in the wood!
Narrator She says …
Goldie Oh, Mummy,
Please don’t worry!
Narrator But DoldilocksIs in a hurry.
Goldie The wood is nice,
The wood is cool,
I can walk there
On my way to school.
Goldie, Goldie, Goldilocks
Is as pretty as can be.
Her mother tells her every day:
“Now, listen to me!” Goldie, Goldie, Goldilocks
With long golden curls
Through the wood she takes a walk –
The naughty girl! (2 times).
Narrator Now in the wood
There live three bears!
Mummy, Daddy and Baby.
Daddy Let’s take a walk.
Narrator Daddy says ..And Mummy says …
Mummy Well, maybe:
I’ve got some porridge in this pot.
It’s very nice - but it’s very hot!
We can eat it
When we all return.
Let’s go outside
And gets some sun!
Narrator Now, to the house
Comes Goldilocks
And on the door
She gives three knocks!
Goldie No one home.
Narrator She says …
Goldie What luck –
I’ll go inside
And have a look!
Goldie Yum!
Narrator She says …
Goldie I want some porridge
Yuk, not this –
And this one’s horrid!
Goldie But this one here
Is very good –
And porridge
Is my favourite food!
Please put my porridge
In a pretty little pot.
I like it for my breakfast
And I like it nice and hot. Porridge oats, porridge oats
As tasty as can be.
Porridge oats, porridge oats
The only food for me!
Narrator Then she sits
Upon a chair.
Goldie Oh no! not this one –
That one there!
It’s nice and small –
Not big at all!
Narrator But then, poor Goldie
Has a fall.
Goldie Never mind the chair!
Narrator She says …
Goldie I need a bed –
I’ll go upstairs!
Narrator The bed she finds
Is nice and small.
She goes to sleep
In no time at all.
Mummy Now, come on everyone!
Narrator Says Mummy.
Mummy Let’s eat the porridge!
Yummy, yummy!
Baby Bur where is mine?
Narrator Says Baby Bear.
Baby It’s not here. Is it there?
Daddy Oh dear! Oh dear!
Narrator Says Daddy Bear –
And then he sees
Poor Baby’s chair.
Baby Mummy, Mummy,
It’s not fair!
Now I haven’t got a chair!
Daddy Let’s check the beds!
Narrator Says Daddy Bear
And then they all go
Up the stairs!
Baby Who’s this? Who’s this
In my nice bed?
Narrator Then Goldie lifts
Her sleepy head!
Goldie Oh no!
Narrator She says …
Goldie I’m very sorry!
But please don’t cry!
Please don’t worry!
Come to my house,
Come with me!
We can eat some cakes
And drink some tea!
Narrator So Goldilocks
And her three new friends
Are very happy in the end!
And so our little story
Reminds us every day
To always say we’re sorry
When we make mistakes. We all need friends,
We need to care.
We all need friends,
We need to share! Now everybody’s happy!
Let’s sing a happy tune.
Goodbye, everybody
We hope we see you soon!

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