Урок англ яз 11 кл КСП составила Букарь С.В.

LESSON PLAN 87 Утверждаю Зам.дир
по УВР:
TEACHER/УЧИТЕЛЬ: Букарь С.В. SUBJECT/ПРЕДМЕТ: ENGLISH/АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК Grade /класс 11 В Date: The topic of lesson / Тема урока The history of Great Britain- 3
Aim / цель To check up knowledge of the theme The history of Great Britain- 3
Objectives (SWBAT) pupil’s will be able:
-read and speak about The history of Great Britain-3
- to learn new vocabulary
-develop speaking, logical thinking, reading skills and rise knowledge of studying foreign language
Results/ожидаемые результаты Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of new themes. To read and understand the test and be able to answer the questions.
To know new voc-y : possess; to flow; boundary; queen, king, monarchy, charity
Methods and Techniques / методы и приемы ГР, ПР, ИР
Assessment / оценивание СО и ВзО «ЗХУ»
Parts of the lesson Area /Skills/ Teacher’s action Pupil’s activities
Organization moment/ Speaking
Writing *Greeting
*Training: «Комплимент моему другу» Pupils tell about
Презентация нового материала
Practice work
Check up the h\t
phonetic drills
Work in pairs:
Make up 10 sentences with abstract nouns
Карточки: [əu], [ʃ], [ʤ], [ӕ], [ʌ], [m], [t], [w] – Look at the board. Let’s read the quote aloud and translate it, please.
Today we will try to summarize all that we learned about the history of the UK. I offer to play. Look at the screen.
Let’s play the GAME SHOWDOWN
98425149860Write 5 questions (one on each card with the answer on the back) for their classmatesExchange cards with another groupGroup of 4 people: ·The leader reads the questions, the data your group ·group Members write answers to tablets and raise the thumb up, indicating their willingness ·The leader gives a sign and reveal all answers Discuss misunderstandings in a group (if no settlement is reached, it is necessary to apply to the rest of the class)
Early period
Late period

bothWrite down everything you know under the appropriate heading:
Pupils do phonetic drills
pupils watch presentation,
speaking on the topic,
work with vocabulary and play the game
Дом. Задание Find additional information about the Royal family Assessment of the pupils\Оценивание СО и ВзО Большой палец
Reflection (Notes following from the lesson):/ Метод большого пальца Was it difficult for you? What was it?

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