Сценарий по сказке Фрэнка Баума Волшебник страны Оз

Author : Little Dorothy  lived on the great Kansas prairie.  She lived with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. They were farmers. Their house was very small.
(Kansas prairie)
Henry : A cyclone, Em, a cyclone is coming! How terrible!
Em : Yes, a cyclone is coming ! Quick, Dorothy, run into the house and stay there. I must help Uncle Henry!
(Dorothy runs into the house, but the wind lifts it up into the air)
Henry @ Em : Oh, God! Poor child!!!!
(Dorothy is flying to the unknown)
Dorothy : Oh, Toto! What will happen to us? 
I must wait and see. Now I shall go to bed and sleep.
(Sunny morning in a beautiful country)
…I am in a fairy-land! Oh, what funny people …
Munchkins : You are welcome, beautiful Fairy, to the Land of Oz, to the Country of the Munchkins!
Dorothy: Why do you call me a fairy? Why do you thank me?
Munchkins : Because you have killed  the Wicked Witch of the East. Our people were her slaves. Now they are free.
Munchkins:   We thank you very, very much!
Dorothy : How could I kill her? I am only a little girl…
Munchkins : Your house did it ! Look! You can see the Witch's feet under your house!
Good Witch : And I am a good witch and a friend of the Munchkin people.
Dorothy : If you are a good witch, please, help me to go back to my aunt and uncle. they don't know where I am. Please help me to go back to Kansas .Munchkins : We don't know where Kansas is, We can't help you to go back.
Only Oz, the great Wizard of the Land of Oz,  can help you. You should ask him for help. He lives in the Emerald City.
Dorothy : How can I get to the Emerald City? Can you tell me the way ?Good Witch : The road to the Emerald City is made of yellow brick.  It is a long way. And it's full of dangers. 
Munchkins : We can't go with you. But take these shoes, my dear! There is some magic in them. I hope it will help you! Good-bye, my dear!
Dorothy : Come along, Toto, we shall go to the Emerald City ...
Toto : Sure, LET'S GO, don't worry, we are together.
(D. and Toto are on the road made of yellow bricks, they see a scarecrow in the field)
Scarecrow :  How do you do?
Dorothy : How do you do, I hope you are well?
Scarecrow : I am not. I don't like to stay here day and night. But I must keep the birds away. 
And where are you going?
Toto : We’re going to the Emerald City. We want to ask the Great Wizard to send us back to Kansas..
Scarecrow :  I want to go with you to the Emerald City,"I shall ask the Wizard to give me some brains.
Dorothy : : You may come with us if you like.
Scarecrow :  Yes, I "shall come with you. You see, I don't like it when people call me a fool because I have no brains. I have only straw in my head.
Dorothy : : Come with us!
Scarecrow :  Thank you, thank you very much!
(D.,T. and Sc. enter the forest and see a tin woodman)
Tin Woodman : Hello! Where are you going?
Toto: We are going to the Emerald City,
Tin Woodman : Why are you going there?
Dorothy : Because we want to see the Great Wizard of Oz
I want to ask him to send me back to Kansas.
Scarecrow : And I will ask him to put some brains into my head.
Tin Woodman : May I go with you? I want to ask the Great Wizard to put a heart into my body. I can't be happy if I have no heart.
Dorothy : : You may come with us if you like.
Tin Woodman : Thank you very much!

(Suddenly a wild lion jumps onto the road in front of our friends and roars)
Dorothy : Don't bite my Toto! How can you? You are so big, and he is so small. You are a big coward! 
Lion : Yes, I am a coward, I know it very well. I am not brave.
People call the Lion the King of the Beasts. They don't know that I am afraid of them.
Dorothy : Do you want to come with us to the Emerald City and see the Great Wizard of Oz? I think he can give you courage . Lion : Oh, yes, I shall be very glad to go with you to the Emerald City.
(The company comes up to the gates of the Emerald City)
Green Man : Who are you? What do you want in the Emerald City?
Dorothy : We want to see the Great Wizard of Oz,
Green Man : He sees no men, women or children,
Scarecrow : Does he never go out for a walk?"
Green Man : Never! He sits day after day in the great Throne Room and never goes out.
Dorothy : What is he like?
Green Man : I can't tell you , I have never seen him,
Dorothy : We must see him.
Green Man : Why must you see him?
Scarecrow : I want him to give me some brains.
Green Man : Oh, it's very easy for him to give you some brains, he has a lot of brains.
Tin Woodman : And I want him to give me a heart,"
Green Man : : He has a large collection of hearts, big and small.
Lion : And I shall ask him to give me some courage.
Green Man : Oh, the Wizard has a big bag of courage in his palace.
Dorothy : And I shall ask him to send me back to Kansas. My aunt and uncle are waiting for me.
Green Man : I hope the Great Wizard will help you. But first I shall give you all eye-glasses. You must put them on and wear them all the time."
All : Why?
Green Man : Because all the houses in the Emerald City are made of emeralds. To look at them will be bad for your eyes.

(The throne Room in the palace)
Oz : I am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you, little girl? And what do you want of me?
Dorothy : I am Dorothy, and I want your help. I want you to send me home  to my Aunt Em and my Uncle Henry.
Oz : Where did you get those silver shoes?
Dorothy : I got them from the Wicked Witch of the East.
Oz : But you are strong enough! You killed the Wicked Witch of the East.
Dorothy : No, My house did it, it fell on her.
Oz : Well, But you must help me first.
Kill the Wicked Witch of the West,
Dorothy : But I cannot do it,
Oz : Kill her and I shall send you back home. Now go! And remember — she is very, very wicked. She is terrible!
Dorothy : There is no hope for me…
(Scarecrow comes to Oz)
Oz : I am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you, and what do you want of me?
Scarecrow : I am only a Scarecrow. Please put some brains into my head, — because I don't want to be a fool.
O z: All right, But you must help me first.
Kill the Wicked Witch of the West; then I shall give you a lot of brains,
(Tin Woodman comes to Oz)
Oz : I am Oz, the Great and Terrible! Who are you, and what do you want of me?
Tin Woodman : I am a Woodman. Please give me a heart. I want to be a real man.
Oz :  But you must help me first,
Help Dorothy to kill the Wicked Witch of the West! And I shall give you a big heart.
Lion : Tomorrow I shall go to see the Wizard. All will be well, my friends.
(Lion comes to Oz)
Oz :  I am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you and what do you want of me?
Lion : I am a Cowardly Lion. I am afraid of people and beasts. I ask you to give me some courage.
Oz : Kill the Wicked Witch of the West and I shall give you courage
Dorothy : What shall we do now?
Lion :  We can go to the West and kill the Wicked Witch of the West.
Toto: I think we must do it. The witch is very wicked and she does much harm to people. 
Lion : I shall go with you, Dorothy!
Scarecrow : I shall go too!
Tin Woodman : So shall I! .
(Friends are leaving the Emerald City through the gates)
Dorothy : How can we find the Wicked Witch of the West?
Green Man : Oh, it is very easy, go to the West, you will find her in the West.
(W.W. is looking through her spyglass and sees some strangers at a distance)
Wicked Witch : I don't want strangers in my country!"
Hey, monkeys! Fly to those people! Kill the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow; bring the little girl and the Lion here. They will work for me!
Monkeys : OK ,Your Majesty , we are ready to serve you! We'll try our best and bring them, of course!
(W.W. is talking to Dorothy in the palace)
Wicked Witch : Come with me! I shall give you some work to do. Clean the kitchen, wash the floor and the windows.
Maid: And I 'll put the Lion into the cage and lock it! He won't be dangerous!
Dorothy : : Shall we ever see them again, Toto?"
Toto : I hope, we will! Don’t cry, dear!

(D.’s lost her shoe and W.W’s grabbed it)
Dorothy : : Give me back my shoe!
Wicked Witch : No, I shall not give it to you. It is not your shoe, it is my shoe now!
Dorothy : You are a wicked old woman!
Wicked Witch : What are you doing? Don't you see I am melting?! Water! It will make the end of me!
Maid: What have you done to my mistress? She 's dying! Oh, dear! What shall I do???
Dorothy : Now we must find our friends, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.
Toto: Now, we must go back to the Wizard of Oz.

(The Throne Room in the Emerald City)
Oz : I am Oz, the Great and Terrible.
Dorothy : You promised to send me back to Kansas…
Oz : But what happened to the Wicked Witch of the West?
Dorothy : I threw a bucket of water at her, and she melted.
Oz : Well, come tomorrow morning. I must have time to think it over. 
Dorothy : But you had enough time! You must do it now!
(Toto runs to the screen, the screen falls and our friends see a little man)
Dorothy : Who are you?
Oz : I am Oz, the Great and Terrible…Don't kill me—please!
 I fooled you all the time…"
Dorothy : Fooled? Are you not a great Wizard?
Oz : No, I am not, I am a poor old man…
All : You are a humbug!
Oz : Yes, I am. I am a humbug...
Oz : I was born  in a small town near Kansas. I worked at a circus as a balloonist.
One day it was windy. And the wind carried the balloon here. Men, women and children ran up to me.. I let them think  I was a Wizard.
Dorothy : I think you are a very bad man!
Tin Woodman : But who will give me a heart?
Scarecrow : Who will give me some brains?
Lion : Who will give me some courage?
Dorothy : And how can I get back to Kansas?
Oz : My dear friends, I’ve learnt some magic! Come tomorrow morning and we shall see. Only don't tell my people that I am a humbug.
(The Throne Room again)
Oz : Now you will be a great man. You have a lot of brains.
Scarecrow : Thank you very much!
Oz : It is a very beautiful heart, isn't it?
Tin Woodman : Yes, it is .
Thank you very, very much!
Oz : Come in! Drink it!
It is courage. Courage must be in you!
How are you now?  
Oz : Oh, I am fine. I am full of courage.  Thank you very, very much!
Oz : Well , Dorothy,  I think the best way to get back to Kansas is by air.  I can't make a cyclone. But I think I can make a balloon!
(Outside the palace)
Green Man : The Great Oz is going to see his brother-wizard,  who lives in the air. He will say good-bye to you.
Oz : In my absence   the Scarecrow will rule the Emerald City. He is very clever now,. I know he will be a very good ruler.
Come, Dorothy! Quick!
(Suddenly the rope is torn and Oz in the busket is lifted into the air) 
Dorothy : Come back, I want to go too!
Oz : I can't come back, my dear. Good-bye!
All: Good-bye! Good-bye, Oz, good-bye! You were our good friend. You have built this beautiful Emerald City for us. We shall always remember you!
(Ozma appears)
Ozma : What can I do for you, child? 
Dorothy : I want to go back to Kansas to Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.
Ozma : I hope, I can help you!Your silver shoes will carry you there.
Dorothy : Oh, they are magic shoes!
Ozma : Yes, you must turn round on your left foot three times and say: 'I want to get back to Kansas!' That's all…
Dorothy : Oh, how easy it is! I I have found good friends here. But you know, East or West, home is best.
Ozma: Tell us, Scarecrow, what are you going to do?
Scartcrow : I shall go back to the Emerald City…"
Tin Woodman @ Lion : We want to go back with him.
Dorothy : Dear Ozma, I know now that my friends will be happy here. May I go back to Kansas now?
Ozma : Yes, my dear! Turn on your left foot three times and then tell the shoes to carry you home.
Dorothy : : Take me home to Aunt Em!
(D. turns on her left foot 3 times and suddenly sees the prairie and her aunt and uncle running towards her)
Where am I?
Em: My dear child! Where have you been all this time?  Where have you come from?
Dorothy : From the Land of Oz! And here is Toto too. And oh, Aunt Em! I am so glad to be at home again!
Henry :  And we worried about you so much!!!Now you are home!

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