Итоговый тест по грамматике 8 класс

Итоговый тест по грамматикеИз четырех вариантов (a), (b), (c), (d) выберите единственно правильный:
1. She has never been to Washington?
A) doesn’t she B) don’t she C) has she D) was she
2. There ________ a big book shop and a theatre in our city next year.
A) will B) is C) were D) will be
3. Her sister works at school, she _____ Geography there.
A) educate B) teaches C) studies D) speaks
4. Mary doesn’t want to play now, she ___________ an interesting book.
A) reads B) reading C) was reading D) is reading
5. As soon as he ____________ the window, she will watch TV.
A) washes B) will wash C) washed D) is washing
6. Where will the meeting _________ ?A) take part B) take place C) take from D) take off
7. It is _________ book I have ever read.
A) worse B) the best C) better D) the goodest8. They mustn’t ________ sport suits at school.
A) wear B) take off C) dress D) have on
9. When I came home my little sister ____________ with her dolls.
A) is playing B) were playing C) was playing D) playing
10. The air in the city is _________ than the air in the country.
A) more dirty B) the dirtiest C) the dirtier D) dirtier
11. When ______ you _________ this blouse?
A) have…bought B) did...buy C) did…bought D) were…buy
12. I didn’t see ________ in the house.
A) anybody B) nobody C) somebody D) nothing
13. Helen came into her bedroom and saw that all her clothes on the floor.
A) are B) were C) is D) was
14. She likes the film about Alice very much. He _______ it many times.A) saw B) have seen C) has seen D) sees
15. Her dress was different ____ all others.
A) of B) to C) from D) with
16. Whom are you afraid _____?
A) with B) of C) toD) up
17. Look! ______ a lot of stars in the sky.
A) It is B) It was C) There are D) There is
18 He ____since she was ten. A) is painting B) has been painting C) was painting D) has painting
19. We are hungry. How about ____ some pizza?
A) having B) have C) to hav D) we have
20. This money ____ours. I can’t take ____.
A) isn’t, them B) aren’t, them C) isn’t, it D) isn’t , its
21. It was a very difficult test. I ____look up a lot of words in a dictionary. A) must B) have to C) had to D) must to
22. Who ____ to participate in your performance?
A) does want B) wants C) want D) is wanting
23. She isleepy ____ she went to bed early last night.
A) though B) that’s why C) because D) and
24. Nick got a bad mark yesterday because he ____ my homework properly.
A) didn’t do B) didn’t C) hadn’t done D) haven’t done
25. ____this comedy before? A) Did you see B) Had you seen C) Have you seen D) Have you saw
26. I think Ann speaks English _____ than Helen.
A) bad B) worst C) worse D) badly
27. Mozart ____ playing the piano at the age of five.
A) began B) begun C) has begun D) had begun
29. Our History teacher wants ____ many texts.
A) that we read B) us to read C) us reading D) that we will read

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