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Good morning, children! I am glad to see you. We shall have a talk about different means of communication and learn some new facts from their history. Yes, I do./No, I don’t. Yes, I do./No, I don’t. Yes, I do./No, I don’t. Yes, I do./No, I don’t. You are sociable and I am sure you have a lot of friends. Answer my questions, please. - Do you have many friends?Where do they live?Do you have a pen-friend (друг по переписке)?Do you like to write letters?Do you like to visit you relatives?Do you often phone your friends?What topics do you usually talk about? сообщение message to call up = to ring up общаться с to communicate with средства связи means of communication в почтовой открытке by postcards в письме by letters по телеграфу by telegraph через компьютер by computer по телефону by phone It’s time to learn to read the new words. Open your books please, page 22, ex. 63 Will you read this words and guess their meaning? 1 – postcards;2 – telephone;3 – communication;4 – receive;5 – communicate;6 – computers;7 – message. Now we know how to read and pronounce the new words on the topic “Means of communication”. Can you use them in the sentences? Look at the cards on your desks and complete the sentences. Let’s have a rest. I have ten little fingers,And they all belong to me.I can make them do many things.So would you like to see?I can shut them up tight (сжать крепко).I can open them wideI can put them togetherOr make them all hide (прятать). The title of the text is “”. 1. 2. As you see, means of communication play a very important role in our life. Let’s read the text from ex. 64 and learn some new facts about them. You will entitle this text and answer two questions. I agree. /I disagree. Now, read the statements and agree or disagree with my statements. Many years ago people used the light of fires to send messages. The electric telegraph was invented by A.G.Bell. P.S.Shilling was the Itlian scientist. The telegraph could carry voices. The telephone was invented in 1847. The telephone line from New York was opened in 1915. The first telephone exchange was opened in Moscow in 1982. You never use the telephone. You can send messages over a long distance nowadays. Our lesson is over. Homework: Student book: p. 31, ex.37,38

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