Презентация по английскому языку на тему In the village

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In the villageІ. Organization moment.ІІ. Checking up home taskІІІ. New Lesson IV. ConclusionV. MarksVI. Home task Organization moment.T: – Good morning, everybody! I’m very glad to see you at today’s lesson. How are you?P1: – I’m fine, thanks. And how are you?T: – I’m fine too. Thank you. ІІ. Checking up home taskQuestions about Astana and LondonIs Astana a big city?Is there an aquarium in Astana?Are there any museum in Astana?Is there Big Ben In Astana?Are there any towers in Astana?Is there a river in London?Is there the Khan Shatyr In London?Is there Ishym River In London? Work with the pictureBig Ben London Astana Baiterek Khan Shatyr Astana Aquarium London Bridge London Eye Buckingham Palace Phonetic DrillClock, school, museum, theater, library, hospital, cinema, bookshop, bank, street, city, head, shoulder, hand, leg, mouse, nose, eyes, ears, chair, book, pen, pencil, window, flower, door, desk… ІІІ. New Lesson The theme of our lesson is іn the village Work with the textMy grandparents live in the village. I like going there. Work with the textI like playing with our dog there Work with the textI like feeding the ducks Work with the textI like helping my my grandmother Work with the textI like watching the sheep with my grandfather NEW WORDSA sheep - қойA duck - үйрекA chicken - балапанA village - ауылA cow - сиырGrandparents - ата-апаTo feed - тамақтандыруTo help - көмек беру GRAMMAR I LIKE + V + ING   PLAY SWIMI LIKE + RUN + ING JUMP FEED HELP LOOK COMPLETE THE PICTURE AND NAME THE ANIMALS IV Conclusion Write the -ing ending 1st group - cook, do, fix, feed, look, give, 2nd group - have, make, write, stop, listen, write 3rd group - run, sit, get, play, put, go Physical exercises Let` draw a pictureIt is a big and hungry animal. He has a three head but one body. He has two big eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouse in each head. He has two hand and two leg Domestic animal Let`s play a game BINGO V.Marking VI. Giving the home task Thanks for your attention!

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